Aldrich Interdisciplinary Research Conference

Do you ever feel like your brain is shrinking from lack of stimulation? Well, if you haven’t fired off any neurons since that epic conversation at the bar a few weeks back, now is your chance, because the MUN grad students are getting ready to share their research with the general public. And there’s something to appeal to everyone’s inner nerd.

Regional focuses include: Secret societies in Newfoundland, the history of the St. John’s Insane Asylum, a sociological analysis of NL funeral processions, the study of the migration of this island’s rural women… Sponge the intellectual work of these speakers and you’ll be the darling of your next dinner party!

Other topics of note include an explanation of the good cop, bad cop phenomena, and the gender implications of Princess Peach Toadstool.

Watch as one student takes on Plato, the novel ‘Flatland’, and Escher’s drawings all in relation to the Fourth Dimension. En Garde!

If this all creates an overwhelming feeling of anxiety when you realize you know next to nothing about the world, sit back and try to regain focus with soprano Music student Nikki Janes as she performs with piano.

Conference happens March 3 & 4 in the MUN Business Bldg. For schedule and a list of student participants, visit

– Bryhanna Greenough