Active Vision: Live Music for Video Games

Local trumpeter Patrick Boyle leads a group of musicians in an improvised soundtrack for the vintage video game Frostbite.

Active-Vision is a local performance series in which live music accompanies silent films and cartoons.   

This Sound Symposium event features trumpets, mbira, vibraphone, and percussion played to a projection of Frostbite, a game released in 1983 for the legendary Atari 2600 computer system.  The player controls Frostbite Bailey, an Arctic explorer who tries to build an igloo by hopping from iceblock to pixelated iceblock across frigid water (or "copying," in true island fashion).
Boyle explains: "Playing a video game is improvising; there are a specific set of rules to follow but the game itself is slightly different each time. [We] have different 'styles' of playing the game just as each trumpeter has his/her own unique vocabulary."

(Thursday, July 13, 7pm @ MUN Music Building, Petro-Canada Hall. $15/$10 students & seniors.)

– Ben Jackson

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