$20 Adventure by Emily Deming

We gave four adventurous people 20 bucks and a disposable camera and told them to go do something interesting. Here’s what happened.

Solo hike from Cape Spear to St. John’s | Boating and fish fry | Extreme pizza eating | Bike trip to Bell Island

Emily Deming

Boating and fish fry

One evening, a friend stopped by with a salt beef bucket filled with fresh caught mud trout and river water. I had been re-reading The Wind and the Willows over lunch the week before. A day of picnicking and boating along a river was inevitable.

Envisioning a picnic.

The first step is always buying something that you can light on fire. The second step is always Jam Jams.

I borrowed a blow-up boat from a friend (which you could buy for $9.99 at Canadian Tire) and headed with the fresh-fish-in-a-bucket to Southside Road. I spent another $4.95 for a small gas canister for my camping stove (The Outfitters, Water St.) and $3.89 for a packet of Jam Jams (Hans Noseworth’s Grocery, Southside Rd).

Your dad caught these--I just rolled them in cornmeal and fried them.

Fire! Fire! ... My inner Beavis is happpy and fulfilled.

Good Old Fashioned Fish Fry.

"M R ducks." "M ain't ducks." "O S A R!"

Soon, I was having a fish fry and afternoon tea on the banks of a burbling creek.

And tea!

A drop of tea, now.

The only delicious peach to be found on the island is now in my belly.


... and ta! (Why am I holding wildflowers to pose?)

I put on my high tech rafting suit (raincoat over wool long johns), and secured my safety equipment (bicycle helmet and plastic paddle)…

Street clothes securely stowed? High-tech river running suit donned? Sun coming right out? Check, check and check!

…and pushed off into the current.


Safety equipment gives one a sense of confidence during senseless acts.



Paddle to the sea.

Ooops, rapids ahead!


Como Floten

I see up your backyard.


Found in a basket among the reeds.

Hey guys! I think this is working!

Even the sun thinks I should be in the river.


A good day.

Then I floated on home among the many ducklings ducking and fish a-flopping that live in the rumoured-to-be-slightly-contaminated-but-lovely-nonetheless Waterford River.

The exception that proves the age old rule.

I see a hammock. All is right with the world.

Run off, run off everywhere, but not a drop I'd drink.

Brave Little Pool Toy.

Did I just do what I think I just did?

Thank You, River.

River Conquered.