$20 Adventure by Jordan Brace

We gave four adventurous people 20 bucks and a disposable camera and told them to go do something interesting. Here’s what happened.

Solo hike from Cape Spear to St. John’s | Boating and fish fry | Extreme pizza eating | Bike trip to Bell Island

Jordan Brace


In the year of our lord, 2011, a band of brave warriors sets off to discover the true meaning of Pizza. The journey started at the peak of Signal Hill, an historic Pizza Beacon, and continued throughout the city with the hope that the gateway to the Pizzaverse would be opened.

The journey commences.

Noah searches the cosmos for enlightenment.

They demonstrated unto benevolent Pizza Gods the art and science of their people.

Ancient glyphs believed to be clues to "The Mystery."

Just goofin off. "All work and no play..." as they say

But the gods were unimpressed. Our adventurers did not worry. For, truly, this was a test of their faith.

When our chariot was too slow, Ryan suggested filling it with petrol. Worked like a charm!!

Ah, the theater!

This photo was taken in a myseterious place known only as "The Woods."

“Perhaps,” proposed one traveler, “the Pizza Gods seek not to witness man’s creation, but to witness man’s appreciation for their creation.” Our wanderers travelled to the ancient Forest of Za, where they visited the tomb of a beloved Pizza Cleric, and left a Slice on the grave in tribute. But by day’s end, the gods had yet to speak.

Pizza being laid to rest. Rest In Pizza, one might say.

On the second day, our warriors attempted to impress the Pizza Gods with their athleticism. Strength and agility were demonstrated that day, with no regard from the overseers.

Chris performing a beautiful Requiem Of Pizza.

Wyatt demonstrating our people's traditional Pizza Jig.



Our travelers pressed on, praising their gods’ holy name, but in the end, their ambitions were met with disinterest. They felt hopeless and betrayed.

"The Higher In The Sky, The Better The Pie" -Proverb

But when the band returned the Pizza Of The Covenant to it’s origin, the steps of The Scope office. They soon realized that all was not bleak, for, even though they did not achieve Pizza Nirvana, they learned a lot about Pizza Friendship.

Back where it all began.

Yeah we left the box on your doorstep. Clean up our garbage, jerks.