$20 Adventure by Bryhanna Greenough

We gave four adventurous people 20 bucks and a disposable camera and told them to go do something interesting. Here’s what happened.

Solo hike from Cape Spear to St. John’s | Boating and fish fry | Extreme pizza eating | Bike trip to Bell Island

Bryhanna Greenough

Solo hike from Cape Spear to St. John’s

My ride just waved goodbye and left me at Cape Spear. I’ve never spent a whole day hiking alone. Left my sunglasses and MP3 player at home, along with anything that creates a veil between me and the surroundings. Well, other than my clothes.
Hey, there’s a robin!

Morning drive to Cape Spear.

Getting pumped at Cape Spear.

There goes my ride.

Some stretches are in order.

Cape Spear to Blackhead Community is 3.7km.

Four crows followed me along the coast.

Same four birds further down the trail.

The steps are carved for grip.

I’m afraid to be alone in the bush. Where I grew up in BC was very wild. My mother ingrained this fear of bears into me. Not too many around here. All I see are people tracks. …And moose tracks.

Moose print.

Stones ???

Crashing water between Blackhead and Freshwater.

Leaning over the cliff to get a photo.

Entering Blackhead now. What type of name is Blackhead? There’s a little store so might stop in and look for something worthy to spend my $20 on.

Nearing Blackhead.

Blackhead horses. One horse is standing on a sundeck.

OceanView Crafts & Souvenirs in Blackhead

OceanView Crafts & Souvenirs in Blackhead

Angela King, owner of OceanView Crafts & Souvenirs in Blackhead

This one-of-a-kind trailer birdhouse is beyond my $20 adventure budget.

My crab claw necklace.

This crab claw necklace, I bought it at the store. I don’t know why. It must be my totem spirit protector animal for this hike! I will adopt some of the characteristics of the crab which are… I don’t know exactly. I can pinch things. And I taste good. And I’m probably getting kind of pink in the sun. I shall scuttle up this hill.

You can almost see my new crab totem protector necklace.

And who lives in that hole?

Rocky forest trail

Gull nest

$13.55 spent on "Snowman Poop", crab claw necklace, "Wishing Rock", "Pebble Rocks", and Gatorade.

It’s 2:11 and I’m at Peggy’s Leg Lookout for lunch. Not even halfway there yet so I’m probably going to get in late. It’s nice out so I’m not worried. Peggy’s Leg looks like the Cape St Mary’s Performance Series poster I see aroud town every summer. The white birds on the yellow-greenish rocks, white waves crashing.

Lunch at Peggy's Leg Lookout Apples, bean burrito, lettuce, quesadillas and cheese and crackers.

Eating a burrito at Peggy's Leg Lookout.

Cheese and cracker Cabot Tower.

Old ship parts washed up at Freshwater Bay.

Wrong turn! It’s after 4pm, and I accidentally took the wrong trail out of Freshwater and am now on Blackhead Road. There’s a lot of weird garbage in the ditch: Bedsheets and a passport application.

Okay, I’m going to call my ride to come pick me up.

Wrong turn coming up at Freshwater Bay.

"Pebble Rocks" and Freshwater Bay rocks.

Bedsheets and passport application on Blackhead Road.

AC DC on Blackhead Road

Freshwater Bay access trail on Blackhead Road

Picnic table on Freshwater Bay - Blackhead Road access trail.

Freshwater Bay weiner sticks all ready to go.