Whale of a guy

Elling Lien has spent all his daylight savings.

Yeah, I think my dad, Jon Lien, is awesome. In fact, if I were to describe him to you now, you’d probably mistake him for a character out of the Odyssey or a comic book or something and deny that he exists. So I won’t describe him here.

Anyway. Apparently the Natural History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador thinks he’s pretty cool too, because on their meeting at the MUN Botanical Garden this Thursday, they’re presenting him with the Tuck-Walters Award—the society’s highest honour—for his efforts to celebrate and protect the province’s animals and their habitats.

You know, I enjoy walking in the shadow of someone known as “the Whale Man.”

If you know him, come down to the meeting on Thursday, March 15. 8pm-10pm, MUN Botanical Garden

Lots of new things to the paper and the website this time around:

Local arts critic Craig Francis ­Power, whose outspoken blog ­artinnl.blogspot.com has brought him a degree of notoriety over the years, is now a part of our team. You can read his column on local culture, “Culture Cowboy” on page 10.

Some new webby things: The Scope Podcast is now bigger and better, and with more music (podcast.thescope.ca). People are now able to post free classified ads on the website (­classifieds.­thescope.ca). And TV Scope (tv.­thescope.ca) is just something you have to see for yourself. Explaining will only ruin these things! Check them out at ­thescope.ca

“How did my banishing all snakes from Ireland and, among other things, enduring six years in captivity as well as hearing the word of the Almighty, turn into one night of binge drinking by people with last names such as Lapano and Kowalski who finish the evening projectile-vomiting green-coloured lager?”

– Patrick <pat@heaven.org>

(from Andrew Clark’s “St. Patrick’s Day”, Walrus Magazine, Mar. 2007)