Vote early, vote often

Elling Lien is voting for Freedom.

Election ’07
It’s that time again: blue team vs. red team vs. orange team… the sport with rules you don’t understand, with players whose names you don’t know, with crazed, drunken fans whooping and shouting on the sidelines covered in face paint rooting for demi-god-like-beings who seem a little too clean, a little too perfect.

It’s on October 9th
If you haven’t registered to vote yet, Elections Newfoundland and Labrador——are paid to be nice to you and make things really easy. They don’t care if you’ve never voted before. Really.

They’ll even help you figure out what riding you’re in, if you don’t already know. Once you do, you’ll be able to find out what candidates are running there.

For information on specific candidates, the internet is your friend. Check out,, or for that.

You should even give the people running in your riding a quick phone call or e-mail to ask them a few questions. Heck, they want to represent you. They want to be your representative. That means, if elected, they’ll be accountable to you. (In theory.)

Run, Citizen, Run
If you get disillusioned along the way, maybe it’s time you tried a hand at it yourself. You should run. Seriously. The deadline to register as a candidate is Saturday, September 29, so you might still have time. For information on that, again, contact Elections Newfoundland and Labrador——or call them at 1-877-729-7987.

Elections are about the ridings. They’re about communities deciding who they want to represent their community. If you happen to be someone people like and trust, you never know.

Fortnightly crab link
Finally, a website dedicated to pictures of large crab! No green crab yet, but they’re coming.

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