Tidbit action!

Elling Lien cut his hair this week, if you really must know.

It’s been a few thousand years since the ancient Greeks scribbled out their list of seven “theamata” or “must-sees” for Hellenic sight-seers, so how could they not be horribly out of date? What kind of tourist attractions are they now? I mean, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Even if the gardens were still around, you’ll likely never get a chance to see them since they were reportedly located near present-day Baghdad.

So turning our must-seeing to less turbulent regions, CBC radio’s Sounds Like Canada—armed with their trademark forced patriotic panache—have teamed up with The National to ask people across Canada to nominate what they believe to be the most precious and spectacular places and natural phenomena in the country.

It may be a little early, but I’m voting for the spanworms.

Make your own nomination at www.cbc.ca/national/sevenwonders/ or leave a message on their phone line at 1-866-722-2752.

“Thank God,” most of you say.

But the rest of you need not fear. The heady feelings of lyrical ecstasy can continue. Starting on April 23, there will be a poetry/prose open mic at The Spur every Monday at 8pm.

Time to break out all those ­villanelles you wrote when you should have been out looking for a real job.

(I do but jest… no offence i’ the world.)

The St. John’s City Council amended the St. John’s Covering of Garbage Placed for Collection By-Law on March 20, 2007. So, as of the first of May, all garbage in the city must be covered with nets, or metal or plastic watertight containers.

That means no more blankets or tarps or they’ll charge you a fine.

For more information on the amendment, visit the city website at www.stjohns.ca.

Just to avoid the trouble of covering it, I’ve taken to shredding all of my garbage in a wood chipper and flushing it down the toilet. That way the gulls can truly enjoy it.

Icelandic pixie superstar Björk (rhymes with “lurk”) is so lazy she’s asking her fans to make her music video for her.

Okay, okay, she’s not lazy. Jeez.

She’s set to release a new studio album on May 7 and she wants people to make the video for her new single “Innocence.”

Björk loves weirdos, so now’s your chance for all you filmmakers to get all freaky. I know you can.

The deadline is August of this year, and details are at unit.bjork.com/­innocence

The term of office for members of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities will soon come to a close, so they’re inviting nominations. They’re looking for members with disabilities who are up on city issues, and who have strong organizational ties.

Send your nomination via e-mail to kchafe@stjohns.ca. Deadline for submission is Monday, May 14th, 2007.

““OMG wau!! Dat beesings a kiti vary ful ov tewtul kutenis!! Bees wif da lukingz!! Omg him gotz da bowwagez on himz hed lyk WTF?!?” — from “LOL-Kitteh as a Second Language (LKSL-101) in Five Easy Steps” (tinyurl.com/26ojur)