Share and share a bike

Elling Lien and Bryhanna Greenough pedal their awares


MUN Project Green, the folks who launched RideShare (the new carpooling service), are putting out their feelers for a new bikesharing program in St. John’s.

Bikesharing doesn’t mean doubling up or riding on someone’s handlebars. In the city of Victoria, for example, if you happen to find a white-painted bike in the street, it’s free for the borrowing. When you’ve gotten to where you were going, just leave it for the next happy fool. At least, that’s the theory.

In Toronto, the community bike program isn’t free. Instead, you pay an annual membership which allows you to sign out a bike that can be borrowed and returned at various hubs spread across the city.

MUN Project Green is grappling with all of the big questions: Rental? Deposit? Or should all bikes be free? And should it serve only MUN… or the community beyond as well?

Project Green wants to know what students and non-students think. Fill out their web survey (c’mon, it’s only eight questions!) at

It’s economical, faster than walking, and lessens car congestion. Cleaner air and tighter buns guaranteed.


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