Making hay…

Elling Lien has your summer all planned out.

Welcome to the middle of the end of summer!

Sorry—had to say it.

If you haven’t done any of this yet, drop everything and get to it right away: a quick bike ride, a little bit of kite-flying, some lying in the grass, some picnicking. These are essential, and you can even squeeze them all into one afternoon if you had to.

One other thing every summer needs is a little bit of good old fashioned political action…


On August 20 and 21, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, US President George W. Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon will meet in Montebello, Quebec to talk about the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). It’s an agreement between the leaders that sets the “deep integration” sense tingling.

At this particular meeting, according to the leftist political magazine Canadian Dimension, there are talks of roadblocks that will prevent cars carrying more than five people from entering the 25-kilometre radius of the town to prevent  the possibility of mass protest. The US army is even being shipped across the Canadian border to help with security. (www.­

The Council of Canadians, the largest citizens’ group in the country, has made a call to action against the meeting. They claim the SPP, as it is being developed, is anti-democratic, that it ties Canada to the U.S. war on terror, and could lead to reduced control over energy and natural resources. (www.­

Here in St. John’s, a group calling themselves the NL Citizens for Peace are holding a rally contesting the upcoming meeting in Montebello. They are calling people to meet on the steps of the Confederation Building at 12pm on Monday, August 20. You can email them at

Even if you don’t go, you should read up on the thing anyway. There is a long list of links at the SPP Wikipedia entry (

“I don’t tell people in Toronto where it is because I don’t want them to come here.”

—CBC radio host Michael Enright talking about his summer home in Salvage on the CBC St. John’s Morning Show.  He is a regular attendee of the Winterset in Summer Literary festival, which took place earlier this month.

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