Green Drinks

Elling Lien has turned green with drink.

Green Drinks isn’t just beer dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s not a health drink bulked with Spirulina or any other new age algae… Green Drinks is what you call a bunch of environmentally-minded folks getting together for a night on the town.

Shelley Pardy, who’s on the organizing committee for the local chapter of Green Drinks, says “some of us who work in the environmental field were working together one day and complaining how we only ever get together to do work stuff and never just hang out and have fun.”

Then one person who had spent time in Ontario mentioned Green Drinks, an informal networking event with more than 350 chapters worldwide.

“A quick online search found and before you know it there was a St. John’s, NL page added.”
The group has been meeting on the last Wednesday of every month at The Ship. Pardy says they were getting good crowds last summer and early fall, but once the cold hit numbers dropped. But with snow gone and temperatures rising Green Drinks is growing again. This April St. John’s Green Drinks celebrated its first birthday on April 22—Earth Day.

As more and more people turn out to talk green, the group has had to come up with a way to identify themselves from the other non-green drink folks, and they’ve been placing green table tents on tables to mark their turf.
“We were considering using nametags but are a little torn about that,” Pardy says. “We want Green Drinks St. John’s to be organic and fun.”

(Ha! Organic!)

“Something about using name tags conveys ‘formal’ and perhaps even ‘stuffiness’,” she says.

When asked whether she thought beer was good for the environment, Pardy said, “It’s good for the environment that immediately surrounds me.”

To be added to the Green Drinks St. John’s mailing list e-mail ­ Their next meeting is May 28.