Fourth Wall 11/22/07

The deadline for The Scope’s Best of St. John’s (BOSJ) readers’ survey is fast approaching. At 11:59pm on Sunday, November 25 we will be removing the ballot from the website and you will have to wait another year to give us your vote for Best Washroom or Best Make Out Spot (It’s the same place, you say? Gross.)

For the uninitiated, the BOSJ is a chance for you, dear reader, to pick out your favourite people, places, and things in the city.

Inner humanitarian, meet inner geek.

Riding the Christmas buying-spree hype, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization is running a “Give One Get One” deal on their XO laptops until November 26. Folks in Canada and the US can pay $399 to receive one, and the other goes to a child in a developing country.

The XO, a durable plastic thing previously known as the $100 laptop, is designed to put computer and networking technology into the hands of children in the developing world. Unlike other laptops, it has no moving parts, its battery lasts for days, and it can connect with other XO laptops when there isn’t an internet connection around.

Sadly, you probably can’t play Crysis on it.

Or maybe that’s a good thing.

An article about Bullying Awareness Week was in The Telegram’s most recent Tuesday edition. Macdonald Drive Junior High had a march around the school where students and teachers carried peace placards, which is great.

But isn’t it kind of weird that in the cover photo The Telegram chose to run, one of the junior high kids is throwing up a gang sign? www.­

For more information, please refer to the video “White Chicks and Gang Signs” by Billy Reid: www.­

Just in case you were wondering, according to our panel of experts here at The Scope, it’s too soon to joke about tasers, but might not be too soon to joke about pellet guns on campus. It depends.
9/11, Katrina, and the death of Steve Irwin are, however, fair game.

The City is on the hunt for cash. They’re coming up a whopping $6 million short in their budget this year, and they’re armed with a mean-looking pair of scissors and a thick bundle of parking tickets.
Thank goodness they’ve realized the importance of funding cultural and recreational groups and events at their October 29th meeting.

From the minutes:

“A brief discussion ensued wherein it was noted that not everything the City funds can solely be measured in terms of economic impacts. It was also noted that sometimes contributing to an event or organization only benefits citizens from a cultural or recreational perspective, as not all benefits are measureable in terms of dollars.”

Yes! Exactly. Please keep that in mind.