Bike route proposal

Elling Lien hits the wall.

Bike proposal online

A draft of a new city cycling network has been drafted, and they’re soliciting public feedback on the plan. This is all good, but they could at least have given more time than a week to go over the proposed routes. Sheesh. The maps were made available on Sept 11 and the city planners are accepting feedback only until the 19th. You can find the proposal on the city website at, or, more precisely, here.

Have a look and send your opinions to

For more information on what to do with the maps, and hear an interview with City Engineer Robin King on the subject check out a post I made today on The Log.

Election issues

The provincial election is set for October 9, and the candidates are primping and preening for debates and interviews, so we at The Scope diving in next issue. Oh yes. Send us questions you’d love to hear answered by political candidates