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Inside the ring Legend City Wrestling has spent the last few years on the fundamentals: precision, charisma, and dedication to the craft. Outside the ring, the LCW family has been focused on a different set of fundamentals: building a fanbase, a reputation, and a consistent product.

That hard work has paid off for the wrestling federation in the form of a national TV deal with NTV. LCW Wrestling will air Saturday afternoons starting later this month.

“The entire LCW family — fans, staff and wrestlers — has never been this excited. Everyone has been working late nights in attempts to put together the best possible show for our fans,” says LCW co-owner Dan Bjorkdahl. “The wrestlers have been training like dogs.”

Duelling beat downs

As LCW steps to the big time they’re also facing challengers on the local scene. On January 26, the same night of LCW’s premiere TV taping, another local wrestling federation, Cutting Edge Wrestling, will be bringing in former ECW champion and WWE alum Tommy Dreamer for an event.

“Our show is a TV production to be aired on a network that will be announced in the near future,” says Travis Canning of Cutting Edge Wrestling. “This is a special event because it’s the first time in Newfoundland two companies are running head to head on the same night.”

With the two wrestling federations having major events on the same night, each bringing in marquee talent (former WWE star Gangrel will be on deck for LCW’s show), it raises the question: How much wrestling can Newfoundland handle?

Three’s company

Those limits will be tested this summer with the debut of a third federation: Newfoundland Pro Wrestling. Under Stephen Clarke, former wrestler for CEW and a co-founder of LCW, NPW is set to provide another venue for independent wrestlers, former WWE stars, and local celebrities.

When it comes to the topic of competition, all parties are uncharacteristically restrained. No one is brandishing a steel folding chair quite yet.

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one professional wrestling promotion on this island,” says LCW’s Bjorkdahl. “We’re committed to bringing [wrestling to] our fans not only across this province and Atlantic Canada, but also all across Canada. There’s a reason why we’re on NTV, and that’s because we consistently showcase the top wrestlers from this province and from all over the world.”

LCW Wrestling will air Saturday afternoons, beginning January 26 at 1:30 pm. Their first TV taping of the year will be held on January 26 at the CLB Armory on January 26. CEW Outrage will take place on January 26 at Easter Seals House. LCW, CEW, and NPW can be found on Facebook.

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