Sydney Blackmore wraps up local business news.

Mustang to the future
Drum roll please.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the city’s favourite late night wrap-ery is re-opening this July. Mustang Sally’s is this summer’s comeback kid, taking up a new address in its old neighbourhood at Whalen’s Pub and Eatery on George Street. Curt Whalen is the pub’s benefactor and new handler of Mustang’s.

“Ross Purrell, the original owner who came up with Mustang Sally’s, basically wanted somebody to take it over from him because he was working offshore all the time,” explains Whalen. “He said this would be the ideal business to run. I’m looking forward to it.”

Whalen’s has been undergoing renovations these past few weeks to prep for Mustang’s kitchen. Once completed, the pub will accommodate a sit-down meal and a takeout window.

“Initially we’re going to try to open at 11 am and run it until 2 am, until we get a feel for it. And if things get better , we’ll keep it open until 4 am.”

“And we have the option for kids to come in until 8:30 pm, as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.”
Restaurant goers can expect the original Stang’s menu with a few new treats like wings, onion rings and fries. “A little bit of extra grease,” says Whalen.

If renos stay on schedule, Mustang Sally’s will be ready for public consumption July 8th and will operate 7 days a week. Check out the pub’s Facebook Group, “Mustang Sally’s Flaming Skillet’ for more info.

Tip Top secret
Can you keep a secret? Me neither, but the Village Mall administrative office sure can.

The contents of the pair of retail stores under construction at the Village Mall’s parking lot are still very hush hush, but, thanks to some networking and the activation of a Nova Scotian and New Brunswick phone tree, it’s been revealed that Tip Top Tailors will be moving out of its location inside the mall and into one of the shops on the mall’s lot. Kim Sharp is a representative of The Plaza Group, the Fredricton-based retail property owners of the Village Mall since 2004, and confirmed this tiddly bit after receiving the okay from Tip Top.
But what about the other building?

“As far as anything else, that’s all I can release right now,” she says.

Stavanger management
Besides Buck or Two’s closing (oh no!) and Chatters Hair Beauty Spa’s opening (oh yes!), there’s a new facility being built on Stavanger’s gridlock-ravaged soil. A new facility for health-related services is slated to open at the beginning of July at 120 Stavanger, across the street from WalMart and rear-ending Winner’s.

Its occupants will include Nexus Clinical Research, Dr. Ian Landells Clinic, DefinitionsFitness and Lifestyle Salon and Harris Ryan—The Arthritis Centre.

Space is still available for lease apparently, so those interested can call 754-3737 for more info.

Your token downtown update
It wouldn’t be a Storefront entry without a DT update.

The hotel and restaurant Blue on Water, has been building onto its location at 319 Water to offer a full-on bar for patrons and downtown regulars. The hotel itself is also expanding, adding five new hotel rooms and a conference room to its quarters over the oncoming weeks.

Meanwhile, Peter Belbin’s Steak House closed for good a few weeks ago, freeing up a space for lease on the busy downtown strip at 223 Duckworth.

On June 8, the Stella Burry operated Hungry Heart Cafe introduced new business hours and nixed its daily breakfasts to accommodate a lunchtime, dinner and Saturday brunch timetable. The cafe is now opened Mondays to Wednesdays, 10 am to 3pm and Wednesdays to Saturdays 10 am to 8pm, and check out for detailed menus.

And after 4 years in operation, Hostyle Clothing is closing at the end of the month. Stop by the store and check out its 25%-75% discounts and visit its Facebook Event ‘Going out of Business Sale’, if you’d like to pay homage to the store and its owners.

Extra! Extra! Music City Canada is relocating. The business that succeeds in sticking the “Let It Snow” carol in your head each holiday now has two music stores locations—one at 278 Waterford Bridge Road and another at 27 Stavanger. The two stores will soon merge into a superstore, at a huge location just across the street from the Tim Horton’s on west Water Street—likely to compete with that other new music megastore in the city. The new venue will house Music City, the Rock City School of Rock and Stage Eleven Audio Visual and is anticipated to open late August. To clear out stock for the upcoming move, both stores are featuring crazy sell-out sales with some instruments and gear selling for up to 50% off, so tune up.

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