Oh, Balogna

Groc. & Conf. by Steve Payne

Usually, when you see bologna and cheese behind glass, it’s next to the turkey loaf at the deli counter. However, the new installation from artist Steve Payne, currently on display in the windows of Capitol Video on Military Road, has given new context to our most popular processed meat product.

Calling back to the convenience stores that were once part of residential row housing throughout downtown, “Groc. & Conf.” depicts two staples of the local convenience store: Maple Leaf bologna and block cheddar cheese.

Payne says, “I thought the graphic bologna and cheese photos might be a fond, but suitably irreverent, reminder of the row house Groc. & Conf.’s that I remember from Bond and Gower Streets way back when.”

“I’m guessing that ‘grocery and confectionary’ probably got abbreviated to ‘Groc. & Conf.’ by some anonymous sign company designer in the 1960s. And then it caught on.” says Payne. “I wonder if anyone knows the truth of it.”

The work of Steve Payne, a freelance photographer in Toronto and Harbour Grace, can be seen on his website. “Groc. & Conf.” can be seen outside 134 Military Road.

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Do you really mean this is open to everyone?

I imagine someone or a group of someones listening to my completed album and snickering and laughing about my lack of talent and/or experience. I am only learning to play guitar, have no clue about recording, and am definitely not in on the local music scene. It seems from the coverage on this site that […]

19 January 2012

  1. Festivus · January 19, 2012

    I really hope his next installation in the series is a Coke and a smoke and a raisin square. Love it!

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