Proving moms wrong everywhere, Andrew Bonia is making a career out of comic books.

While managing a comic book store in Connecticut, Bonia has taken the reins of an issue of Mirage’s Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So how do you start writing for the comic based on an internationally successful, 25-year-old cartoon franchise? Take notes, kids. Bonia, who was raised in St. John’s, started out much like many comic book aficionados.

“I was always into comics and adventure stories growing up,” he says. “I had kind of inherited a comic collection from my mom, and my friends and I used to trade them back and forth in school to get new ones we had never read.”

His lifelong love of comics led him to the New York Comic Con, where he introduced himself to people from Mirage Studios because was a fan of the Turtles series as a kid.

Then he got his break.

“A short time later I found myself in front of the Mirage table with Turtles co-creator Peter Laird there, and I just walked up and introduced myself and said I wanted to write for his comic,” Bonia says. “After that it was just a long process of trying to propose a story that they wanted to publish.”

In his installment of the comic, The Fugitoid, a Turtles-allied robot with the mind of a scientist, gets injured during a fight and the Turtles have to help him out.

As a writer, Bonia was particularly interested in working on an established series and having the back-story and the fanbase built in.

“When you’re just writing from scratch, you’ve got to re-invent everything—you’re really creating a world from the ground up,” he says. “If you jump into a pre-existing series like the Turtles a lot of that work has been done for you so you can just focus on the story.

Tales of the TMNT #54 hit comic shops on Jan. 21.

Kerri Breen

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