Field Notes

Kerri Breen has a mysterious craving for pie.

It’s the height of the festival season and St. John’s is thick with all kinds of arts activity. Here’s just a fraction of all the action.

The Idlers chase child with dessert
The Idlers, busy as usual, are making a video for a song called “One Future” off their upcoming album.

The video, which is being filmed in late July, is being directed by Elsa Morena and written by Morena and Nathan Downey.

Here’s the concept: The band follows this little boy with a blueberry pie around town (not in a creepy way). Eventually more and more people join the mob, vying for a piece of the poor kid’s pie, and they end up at Topsail Beach for a bonfire party.

“During the video, the little boy has only this one pie, but then when we’re at the beach, you notice everyone sort of has a piece of pie in their hands, and even though it was just one little pie and there’s a hundred people there,” Morena says.

The sharing of the pie is supposed to reflect the message of the song, which is about unity and working together.

Coincidentally, Morena says the extras are going to be paid in homemade blueberry pie. Because the project was denied VideoFACT funding, the video is being made on a volunteer basis.

New government scrilla to pay the billa
But the Idlers managed to acquire a slice of the arts funding pie elsewhere. The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council just announced $252,733 in professional project grants for spring, including a chunk of change for the popular reggae band to tour as far as Toronto.

Mercy, the Sexton also received some dough for embark on a seven-week Canadian tour.

In visual art, Michelle Bush received support to create an installation connected to her participation in Linda Montano’s Seven Years of Living Art. (The third year of which is based on the colour yellow.)

“The idea is to create a huge amount of …silkscreened images in yellow, that I will then cut up, re-arrange and turn into an installation, [the] wall hanging-type, where the imagery becomes subtly blended into the colour exploration,” Bush says.

Artist Craig Francis Power got money to produce a project called Inevitable Heartbreak. It explores country music, drinking, and failed romantic relationships through the use of 13 original animations that will be shown on 13 mini video players installed in 13 red birdhouses.

Literary/culture mag Riddle Fence has received funds to pay contributors for its second issue, due out this summer, and author/playwright Robert Chafe got some money to write a novel entitled The Bare Mechanics.

Red Menace to infect local capitalists
The Kremlin is about to disperse another offering of musical proletarian propaganda. Here’s the serf band’s rather articulate description of the new album, Red Menace:

“This seemingly innocuous ten-track album of proletariat serf has been meticulously encoded with meta-aural wave transmissions that re-assert the dominance of proletarian ideology on the latent level of the unconscious.”

The Kremlin seems confident that its new crop of instrumental, spacey jams will mesmerize its enemy: the bourgeoisie.

“After a period of repeated listens even the most blue-faced capitalist will begin to emit a reddish hue,” reads the release show’s Facebook event.

The album will be released on August 9 at the Rock House, with an all ages show and a bar show.

Geezer rock band plans reunion show
According to singer-guitarist Ritche Perez, the upcoming one-show reunion of ‘90s grunge band Potatobug was the result of both a doorperson nagging the band to re-form, and the bonds that were reforged when tragedy struck Perez’s family.

“I got motivated when my dad died,” he says. “His death brought family and friends closer to me. My dad and mom used to go to our shows. They didn’t miss one show.”

He says that the band’s act is shaping up, though they haven’t played together for years. Potatobug formed in 1993, when Perez was just 18.

“We just jammed last night. It was our fourth jam and it seems like we’re getting our act together. [We’re] a little rusty with all the chronic diseases and disorders we’ve contracted from aging, but I think we’ll survive for the show,” says Perez.

His is biggest concern is that people will hear his embarrassing teenage lyrics.

“I can’t believe I was writing that bad. We practically wrote lyrics just as filler for the grungey songs.”

“Now all I write about is my dog and my daughter,” he says

The show is happening on August 1 at Distortion with Dan Ficken. Tickets are $10 at the door.


Jesse Dangerously

It’s not often that an MC voted Best in Halifax two years in a row comes to town. Jesse Dangerously cites influences from Tori Amos to KRS-One, so expect him to be anything but what you expect. On May 26, he’ll be reuniting with former Backburner (a small, Halifax-based rap affiliation) member and local rap […]

24 May 2007

  1. Geoff · May 24, 2007

    Potatobug are playing twice, they will open for Montreal’s Bionic on Saturday Aug 2 at Distortion.

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