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MusicNL nominees announced

This year, Chris Kirby, the Novaks, and Shanneyganock have stolen the show. Kirby and Shanneyganock received four MusicNL nominations and the Novaks received three.

This year’s MusicNL conference takes place from Nov. 13 -15. In addition to the gala, there is a songwriters’ circle, a showcase, an industry brunch, as well as seminars.

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Theatre research

English professor Denyse Lynde and Toronto Ph.D candidate Mark Turner want to know why some local plays aren’t being published.

They have launched a blog asking this question as part of a research project looking into the challenges that prevent publication of Newfoundland and Labrador plays.

Turner speculates that there’s more of an emphasis on production in local theatre culture than producing dramatic texts, and says there hasn’t been as much of a dialogue between local publishers and playwrights.

“People don’t exactly know what to do with published play texts, because I think it’s sort of a different beast than publishing a book.”

Lynde and Turner’s project also serves to get an accurate idea of just how much published and unpublished work is out there. They are looking for input from the theatre community as well as the public.

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Duane Andrews wins film award

The local guitarist extraordinaire has won the award for Best Original Score at the 2009 Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax.

The score for Sherry White’s Crackie also includes two songs by former St. John’s singer-songwriter Cherie Pyne, who now lives in Montreal.

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  1. kevin · December 15, 2010

    hey there! just wanted to say that The Once were also nominated for four awards and band member Andrew Dale was also nominated separately for the Side Musician award. Go Folk!