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The Scoop on Snoop

Snoop Dogg’s September 12 show is the latest addition to an impressive selection of rap superstar visits planned for St. John’s this year.

The difference is that this time, all signs are pointing to the show actually happening.

Bradley Russell, director of student life with the MUN Students’ Union, which is hosting Snoop’s show at Mile One, says the show is definitely a go. But we’ve heard that before.

Last time I spoke of St. John’s apparent rap show curse, one promoter seemed confident his Cappadonna concert was set in stone. (It was cancelled like the earlier Nas and D-12 shows, but apparently the problem was on the artist’s end).

Russell, of course is a different promoter who is bringing in an act that already performed at Mile One in 2003.

“The kind of money we’re paying Snoop, there’s no question in my mind he’s going to show up,” Russell says. The union, which was also behind the cancelled D-12 show, has also put off many successful large-scale concerts in the past, including last September’s Our Lady Peace show at Mile One Centre.

The organization has been putting in offers to get Snoop for its orientation week concert since April, Russell says. He’s pleased to offer the show at a reasonable price—$44.95 for students and alumni and $54.95 for the general public.

“It kind of meets all of our mandates. We want to first of all put off a great show and second of all we want to make it affordable,” Russell says.

An artist named TOA will DJ, but no other acts have been confirmed yet.

“I’d say we’ll get confirmation from Snoop’s camp… probably at the end of the month.”

The show is open to all ages in order to accommodate underage students, but there will be alcohol served in the wet section of the show.

Green kids

Jason Noble’s children’s book is a family affair in more ways than one.

The kid-tailored, environmentally themed book is illustrated by his brother Matthew, and the accompanying CD features his great-uncle, Gordon Pinsent.

The Stupendous Adventure of Gregory Green edu-tains children about the role they have in the protection of the environment. Our hero, Green, defends his favourite forest against three looting and polluting ghouls who are out to destroy it for badness.
The story is so lively that the kids won’t dismiss it as a preachy snoozefest.

“My first goal is to connect with children and give them something I think that they’ll love, and provide them with entertainment that is positive and educational,” he says. “I hope that element is what comes through first and the values will perhaps emerge after that.”

Noble, who is currently doing a master’s in musical composition on the mainland, decided to write the story after a stint doing children’s theatre.

During that time he was happy to learn that—despite the how much has changed since his childhood—kids are still kids.
“I was really struck that they still respond to a good story and they still respond to bright, colourful pictures and lively music and that the same morals and the same values that used to appeal to me as a child still appeal to kids today.”

These values, he adds, include a connection to nature and a love of doing the right thing.

“Because it’s written in a rhyming, Dr. Seuss kind of language, I hope it will also inspire a love of reading.”

The accompanying CD features a beautiful score composed by Noble as well as narration by Pinsent. Noble says he didn’t agree to do the book strictly because of his nephews’ involvement with it. In fact, Pinsent, whom Noble had only met a handful of times, couldn’t commit until he saw the book.

“When he did see it he agreed very quickly and I was very flattered and just thrilled to have a chance to work with him,” Noble says.

The book is available at Chapters, the St. John’s Farmers’ Market and other locations as well as from Boulder Publications directly.

Bring it back

Three very different former bands have picked the same time to relive their glory days.

Three Chord Revolution, a skate-punk outfit from Mount Pearl, formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2005. But they’re getting back together for a show at Distortion on August 20.

On the same night at the Rock House, critically acclaimed post-punkish rock favs Trailer Camp are reuniting for one night only. The band has been inactive since last year.

Then, on August 22 Mega Man 2 throwback/power metal geniuses Cyprian, who broke up in 2006, are playing an all ages and a bar show at Junctions.

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