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Kerri Breen revisits Wayne’s World 2: “If you book them, they will come.”

Bohemian rap city
D12 was cancelled back in April. The recent no-show Nas show was also a bust. Fortunately, St. John’s has a chance to shake its mini-streak of botched big-name rap shows.

Jason Winsor is pretty confident about the prospect, anyway. His company, J. Winsor Productions, is behind the latest American hip-hop offering: Wu-Tang’s Cappadonna at Junctions on July 10.

Winsor is a full-time promoter who says he has organized over 200 local events. This show will be his biggest.
“We expect a sold-out Junctions for that evening,” he says.

Winsor says he got the rapper and his management interested in playing here by describing the city’s rich history and strategic location. So far, St. John’s is the only Canadian city on Cappadonna’s tour in support of Slang Prostitution, which was released in January.

“I sold him on the importance of St. John’s as a city,” Winsor says.

He says he worked directly with the rapper’s management and that the details have been finalized. Winsor says Cappadonna wants to meet the locals and speak with youth groups while in town.

“He’s not only nice, but he’s very well spoken,” Winsor says. “A lot of times people don’t anticipate a hip-hop artist being so articulate and really in tune with what’s taking place in the world today.”

Local acts DJ Sina, Lee Fitz, Johnny Hardcore, Radar, and The Rit will open for Cappadonna and his DJ.

Tickets are available at Fred’s Records on Duckworth Street and Cychotic Bikes on Lemarchant Rd. VIP tickets include a party the night before, a spot in the VIP section at the show, and meet and greet.

Summer album spike
Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s a coincidence, but many of our local musicians have picked the same time to put their newest work out there. Now that school’s out and short shorts are acceptable, depending on the context, here’s a little roundup of who’s releasing what and when.

The Sellouts are releasing an album at the Fat Cat on June 20. Then, just before he leaves for yet another tour, singer-songwriter Ian Foster is releasing We Begin Here on June 21 at the Ship.

Candycore cuddlebuns Mopey Mumble Mouse are releasing I am Happy Being Nothing (featuring a delicious cover of Wonderful Grand Band’s “Babylon Mall”) on July 4.

Finally, precious punks The Class War Kids will come back from their tour with a new album that was supposed to be released before they left. Singer-guitarist Patrick Neary says the delay is due to production issues. The extra spit, polish, and power-chords will be worth the wait, however.

Just like a circus
The circus of the sun is coming to Fogtown. Alegría, the Cirque Du Soleil show that sounds a little like an allergy medication, hits Mile One Centre from June 19 to June 28.

“Alegría is a mood, a state of mind,” the website reads, explaining that the show’s name means jubilation in Spanish. The show is said to deal with the handing down of power over time and the evolution from ancient monarchies to modern democracies.

Check out the trailer for the show at

Your say
The Association of Cultural Industries (ACI) is inviting artists and audiences to send a message to Ottawa about arts and culture funding.

St. John’s South-Mount Pearl MP Siobhan Coady and Pablo Rodriguez, opposition critic for Canadian Heritage and official languages, will be in town on June 29 at 7 pm at the Masonic Temple for a town hall meeting.

“The cultural industries in Canada account for almost 7.5 per cent of the GDP each year,” says ACI Executive Director George Murray. “The culture sector is a vibrant contributor to our national economic fabric. It is natural that Ottawa would want to consult with sectors in which resource and funding investments yield so much positive growth for all of Canada.”

Bridger’s back
AE Bridger went into hiding to up their game. A six-month break meant a lot of reflection and heavy-duty creative legwork for the young art rock band, but now they’re back.

“I went on hiatus mainly to go deeper into the new material that I had been developing over the last year, and get the band up to scratch. I also wanted to work on not hurting the audience as much and making the band more fun,” frontman Alex Bridger says. “Make the pain more pleasurable.”

Bridger says they’re very excited to play again.

“I’m very nervous, which is rare for me,” he says. “I really want this band to be an experience for the audience and I think I’m getting very close to that goal now, so I’m eager to see if audiences react well to the new directions I’ve been going.”

The band plans to record the new songs, but a release date has not been set. AE Bridger plays on July 4 at the Ship Pub with Kujo and Ye-Yeti.

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