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February may be cold, but there’s still stuff cookin’. Kerri Breen serves up a taste.

Jones directs dark comedy
By a Thread isn’t your usual one-woman show about coping with familial violence.

For one, the show is really funny.

“It’s a black comedy in a way, because it’s ultimately about physical and sexual abuse in her own family. But the character is driven to comic heights and has comedic monologues about her life. A lot of that is an attempt to escape from her past,” says director Andy Jones.

Emerging actress Laura-Marie Smith, one of Jones’ former Theatre students, wanted to perform the play in February in recognition of the province’s violence prevention month. Smith approached Jones with the script.

The one-woman show is one of Toronto writer Diane Flacks’ earlier plays. Flacks worked on The Kids in the Hall in the mid-90s—the same period Jones wrote for the show.

“It’s almost a combination of clown and stand-up comedy,” Jones says. “Quite physical humour too. But at the same time there’s an anger and a rage underneath it. It’s a very, very poignant combination of elements.”

By A Thread runs from February 5 to the 8 at the Majestic Theatre on Duckworth Street, with a preview show on February 4. All shows start at 8 pm.

New filmmaker presents new fest
Jason Pike is creating a new film festival to give props—and some exposure—to emerging filmmakers.
“That’s the goal,” he says, “getting as much local content out there as possible, showcasing as many films as possible.”

“Per capita we have some of the best talent in this country,” he says.

The Phoenix Film Festival is tentatively slated for this April. There is no deadline for submissions as of yet.
Pike, a photographer and aspiring filmmaker himself, says the festival has generated a positive response already.

“I had support right from the get go,” he says. “I was contacted right away by Laura Churchill who was the Nickel former chair member who offered to pretty much mentor me through the process.”

Kids in the Hall Holy Heart
Kids with instruments are about to steal the local folk spotlight.

Young Folk at the Hall consists of two free-of-charge workshops where children learn folk songs in an informal setting, and then show off what they’ve learned at a concert.

The point of the eight-year-old concert/workshop series is to foster the idea that playing music is fun, and to get young musicians playing with each other.

The Folk Arts Society is sponsoring the event, which is in aid of the Neil Murray stage at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival.

Because the LSPU Hall is closed, the concert will be on Sunday, Feb. 1 at Holy Heart Theatre at 2 pm.

CBC fan fiction
Former CBC personalities Karl Wells and Glenn Tilley are now the heroes of a crime fighting comic series.
In the unusual world of Glenn ‘n’ Karl: RNCBC, CBC funding has been redistributed to the RNC and the former Here and Now duo are detectives on the streets of St. John’s.

“Touton Most Foul,” the second installment of the quarterly series, was released at a listening party on Jan. 24.

“The second issue finds our intrepid heroes embroiled in a murder case,” says Adam Clarke, who created the comic with Curtis Kilfoy (both of whom are Scope contributors.) “While the death of a sketchbag bar owner may not mean much, Glenn and Karl find themselves led to local MPs, who may have their hands a little too dirty.”

“Also, there is a subplot where Karl is dressed as a puffin.”

The first issue was well received and they sold all 98 copies printed, Clarke says. Both comics are now available for sale at Downtown Comics. “Touton Most Foul” comes with a read-along CD.

Clarke doesn’t know if the real Glenn and Karl have caught wind of his and Kilfoy’s efforts, but he says the series is not meant to be mean-spirited at all.

“It’s a very affectionate tribute to them, and the personas of the two leads—as well as supporting characters like Ray Guy and Doug Letto—are cartoonish extrapolations of their public personas with an added ‘buddy cop’ vibe,” he says.

The mini-series is set to wrap later this year.

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IceReCaps: There isn’t a lip behind Garth Murray’s moustache. Just another fist.

IceReCaps: There isn’t a lip behind Garth Murray’s moustache. Just another fist.

The first of two Admirals teams in the AHL were in town on November 18 & 19. Morgan Murray was there to Tweet it. Colin Peddle was there to snap it.

24 November 2011

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