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Kerri Breen is asking Santa for a Chia Pet.

Word from Pat Boyle
Dying to collaborate with your heroes? Why not just call them up and ask—that’s how trumpet player Pat Boyle managed to snag jazz superstars Mike Murley and Mike Downes for his latest album, Still No Word.

“I said ‘hey listen, I’d love to make a record. If you guys have a day that’d be awesome,’ and they said yes. It was a total cold call, ” he says.

“It was extremely special to work with Mike Murley,” he says. “The fact that I’m on a record with him, I don’t think that novelty will ever wear off.

The title comes from what people say when realizing that they haven’t yet spoken to someone who has gone elsewhere, as in ‘Still no word from [Gilligan, E.T., whoever].’

“There’s kind of a pensive quality to this music, it sounds kind of—it sounds like waiting, to be honest,” he says, making the important distinction that the album isn’t boring.
Boyle has already debuted the album in Toronto, and the local release is at the Petro-Canada Hall on Dec.19 at 8:00 pm.

“It’s a long time coming and I figured it would be a good time to do it before Christmas as the CDs are contour-fit for stockings.”

The album was just nominated for an East Coast Music Award (ECMA) for Jazz music record of the year.

Hey Rosetta! dominates ECMAs
Patrick Boyle is one of 16 local artists to get an ECMA shout out. Hey Rosetta! made off with four nods. The Idlers, Ian Foster, Chris Picco and Damhnait Doyle have also been nominated.

The winners will be announced at the gala in Corner Brook on March 1.
For a complete list, head to

Mmm… Feast of Cohen
Producer Vicky Hynes had no idea that that Feast of Cohen would be this successful. The post-holiday cover concert debuted in 2000 and has been bringing in more and more Cohen-crazies every year.

“I’m just amazed at how this mushroomed into almost like a tradition now with people who come home for Christmas and get together with friends and family.”

“It was so popular last year that we put it up for eight nights,” says Hynes.
Due to LSPU Hall being closed for renovations (and the fact that it’s a small venue to begin with) the 9th Feast of Cohen is being held at the Holy Heart theatre, though it’s not just logistics that provoked the decision.

“Holy Heart was the likely choice, simply because Cohen himself played there last spring,” says Hynes.

“That stage and that room is one of the most sound acoustic rooms in this city.”
The show, which promises to be longer and “more exciting” than in previous years, is running for three nights and features the best in local music talent. There are 15 performers besides the band, including Mark Bragg, Liz Solo, and Blair Harvey.
Feast of Cohen runs from Dec. 27 to the 29 at the Holy Heart Theatre.

Sum of all parts
What started off as a rainy day pastime for Brian O’Rafferty and his friends has turned into a proper gig.

They started off shooting videos of their tricks when they were 12 and 13 years old—now they’re about to release their second professional multi-sport video in three years as ODC productions, Sum ’08.

“Before we just used a VCR to make our edits, so it’s come a long way,” he says.
The 40-minute long video features skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, snowboarding (and some non-local skiing).

“The people that we have in this video are pretty much the top in Newfoundland,” says O’Rafferty, naming rollerblader Danny Beer, skater Ian St. Aubin, and biker Jeff Evans.
The multi-sport format of the video is unique, and it speaks of the province’s street sport community dynamic.

“Most often… when people put out videos it’s just strictly a biking video, or strictly a rollerblading video, or a skateboarding video and that’s typically seen almost everywhere else, but here in St. John’s and Newfoundland…there’s no kind of segregation between the groups.”

That’s where they got the name—“the sum of all sports kind of thing,” he says.
The film was directed by Phil St. Aubin, whose brother Ian skates in the video. The music is by Bottled Beats, a.k.a. the third St. Aubin Brother, Adrien.

The video premieres at Holy Heart Theatre on Dec. 22. DVDs will be available.
And there’s more in skate video news. Knock on Wood, the second full-length video from Homegrown Skateboards will be shown on Dec. 21 at Empire Theatres in Da Mall.

Director and editor Scott McClellan says that though the skate company is based in Halifax, everyone on Homegrown’s team is from St. John’s, with the exception of one guy from Goose Bay.

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