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This time, Kerri Breen brings lots of music news.

Swords surrender
The self-proclaimed loudest band in town, Swords, is going on “indefinite hiatus.”

“We don’t want to say that we’re really breaking up,” says singer-bass player Adam Goodwin, who is moving back to Ontario. “Just because of the fact that we like playing together so much that if I ever moved back here that we’d probably continue playing, but not necessarily as Swords.”

The band, which plays a sludgy fusion of postrock and metal, has put forth three releases since forming in 2004.

“Overall we’re very happy with how things have progressed with this band,” Goodwin says. “We’ve done everything we’ve wanted to do so far.”

They’re playing with Errand Boy, Narrators, and Map to Temenos at Distortion on Friday, Nov. 21. Goodwin says they’re looking forward to the last show because the line up is good.

Even if they never play again, the show won’t be the last of Swords. Goodwin says they’re recording another full-length album.

Ian Foster: Tour machine
Ian Foster just completed a 40-day tour in August, but he’s back on the road again.

For the next three weeks he’ll be playing shows throughout Atlantic Canada, promoting his latest album, Room in the City.

“I’m coming back to some of the places I played this the summer,” he says. “My main thing is to play as much as possible and tour as much as possible.”

Isn’t he exhausted? Not really. Touring helps him as an artist.

“You get a lot of really cool experiences packed into a very short span of time,” he says of being on the road. “You meet so many people, you hear so many stories. It seems like when you’re away from home everything seems to carry more weight,” he says.

“It’s good for the writing, for sure.”

The tour started at CBC Songwriters’ Circle at the MusicNL awards in Gander. Then he performed in Corner Brook for the first time, and then he played in Sydney, N.S.

If you want to hear more about Foster’s tour, check out his tour diary at

Adventure spurs St. John’s dates
Zac Crouse once sea-kayaked around Newfoundland with a ukulele.

“I normally play banjo and bass, but those don’t fit in a sea-kayak,” he says.

That’s when and how he fell in love with the province. Now, Crouse, along with his bandmates from Halifax’s Caledonia, is returning for slightly less epic adventure: Two shows in St. John’s.

On Friday, Nov 21, they’ll be playing CBTGs and on Saturday. On Nov. 22, they’ll play The Rock House.
Caledonia’s music is a little hard to describe, but it’s much more soothing than Crouse makes it sound.

“[We play] mixture of rock and reggae and really not new wave, but we really like the Clash and Elvis Costello…we all have a lot of different influences and kind of mash that all together.”

The band just recorded a new album, which is currently being mixed. It’s being produced by Dylan Hudecki, formerly of By Divine Right. The album’s release, set for this spring, is being slowed down by the band’s finances, however.

“If someone magically stumbled upon five or 10 thousand dollars we’d be done next week,” said Crouse.

Oops! Award winners leaked
While everyone else was patiently waiting to hear the results of the MusicNL awards, the media community was likely giggling mischievously.

That’s because the winners, which included Hey Rosetta and Duane Andrews, were accidentally leaked in an e-mail four days before the event.

As local media blogger Geoff Meeker reported, about 75 journalists were notified of 23 winners in an attachment that accompanied a blank e-mail from MusicNL.

Then, a second e-mail was sent saying to ignore the first. Thankfully, no one reported the winners before the show.

For a complete list of winners, head to

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