Donnie Dumphy on the Big Screen

Trailer for the short film “How to Be Deadly”

Will & Jada. Ben & Jen. Donnie & Brenda.

The stars were out to shine on the the red carpet at the Toronto International Film festival, including our own Donnie Dumphy, and Brenda Skanes (looking radiant in SurfStyle). The Dumphy crew are on a roll with the premiere of their short film “How to Be Deadly,” and a deal to write and direct Donnie for the big screen.

Director Nik Sexton, along with Donnie (Leon Parsons) and Brenda (Gina Squires) were in attendance for the sold-out screening. “I think when we all created this little world of characters five years ago, we had no idea that it would ever come this far,” says Sexton, who was also a part of the Telefilm directors panel entitled: Not short on talent, Canada’s funnier than ever.

“After this short film circuit, we signed a deal with Union Pictures, a Toronto based distributor and production company, to shoot the feature film next summer in St. John’s,” says Sexton. “Union are a great bunch of people who really get the Donnie and Brenda act.”

Regarding the Toronto crowd, Sexton says, “The audience laughed and then they laughed a whole bunch. They got it, which tells us that we’re a long ways away from having to put subtitles in our videos like we used to.”

Pleased with the reception in Toronto, Sexton is optimistic about Newfoundlanders growing taste for homegrown entertainment.

“Already in television, everyone watches Republic of Doyle, just like they all watched Codco and the Wonderful Grand Band. It’s only a matter of time before Newfoundland cinema gets it’s turn.”

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