Best Summer Destination

Gros Morne

4 January 2012

  1. Gary · January 4, 2012

    For any other would-be hikers, Cape Spear to St. John’s via the East Coast Trail is not a hike that should be attempted alone under any circumstances. The steep slopes, boulders, and tree stumps along the trail create a very real potential for injury, while the terrain is likely to restrict cell reception. By the time anyone happens upon the bruised and broken body of a seriously injured hiker, and walks somewhere where they can call for help, considerable time could have elapsed. The trail’s remoteness could also mean a long walk from the nearest road or beach for first responders, so please, take a sensible friend along.

  2. Bryhanna · January 4, 2012

    Although it may not be for everyone, I don’t think hiking solo should be discouraged. Here are some guidelines I tried to follow:

    -Told someone where I was going and when I expected to return.
    -Planned a route where I expected to see lots of other hikers.
    -Wore proper hiking boots, and brought extra warm layers and food.
    -Was aware of my fitness level, and didn’t try to overdo it.

    I feel more vulnerable driving at night and getting hit by an drunk driver than I did hiking this trail alone.