$20 Adventure: Amy Joy

We gave a few people a 20 dollar bill and a disposable camera and told them to go away and have a Newfoundland adventure. The only rule was to not use your own car (bumming rides was okay.)

Amy Joy is one that that survived…

I really love to trout. For real. But I never catch anything. But that’s not going to stop me from trouting this summer. If you have never tried it, you should. The only thing I don’t like is putting the worm on the hook. So if you’re like me, you might want to have someone else hook your worm. All you need is a rod. And if you don’t have a rod you can just borrow one! You can go to pretty much any pond. You’re sure to find some neat but gross garbage along the way, too. I found an old steering wheel and a bus seat. Good to sit down for a spell. Good photo ops.

Tip: Be prepared for flies.

If you’re brave enough – here’s something to try out. Put on your sneakers and your favorite Northern Reflections jogging suit. Go out on your street. And wait for a jogger to jog past you. Follow them! You’ll get exercise, get a free jogging tour of the city, and have a laugh, too.

Tip: Stay far enough behind so you’re not creepy.

I lucked out. I’m not kidding. I went to a store to find some apples (for some horses) and upstairs I saw a sign that said “Free Class.” I went up and joined in. The pictures speak for themselves.

Tip: Maximum of three free classes. After that you’ll probably have to pay.

Chalk is cheap. So buy some and have a good old fashioned game of hop scotch. I’ve discovered though, that there’s a difference between townie hopscotch and a bay hopscotch.

Tip: Use chalk to also write messages to people on the street.
Sidenote: After we finished our game we looked out the window to find a little old man hopping along the grid. You never know who’ll play the game after you’ve finished!!

People (and animals and monsters) that you meet when you’re walking down the street. Richard – You’ll find Richard most nights of the week on the corner of George Street and Water Street. He sings a bit of Buddy Holly, some James Blunt, some Beatles. A lot of stuff actually. If you like to sing, you should sing a song with him. If you don’t like to sing, have a chat with him. He’s awesome.

A&W gang – For free, I got to sit in my dream car. A volkswagon beetle. Aqua blue. It’s because on Thursday evenings at the A&W parking lot on Kenmount Road, they have a classic car night. It’s a great place to have a look at some old cars…and also chat it up with lovely car enthusiasts. I had some great chats about turning an old VW bug into an electric car. I was told it’d be easy. So that just may be my next project.

Tip: Buy a rootbeer! Yum.

You don’t need cash to enjoy George Street. Not all the time anyway. All you need is to find yourself a seat, maybe on the steps across from the stage, and people watch!

My favorite quotes on a Friday night:
• As the police drove by with their lights flashing a guy says “I loves following the flashing lights.”
• “George is unforgettable”. This was said by George himself.
• Talking about what he’d do for a buddy: “I’d go to Jesus for him.”

Tip: Buy Pocky for 2.00 and offer them to drunk people. You won’t believe how people react to Pocky.

Karaoke Kops. Freeeeee karaoke. And The Kops are hilarious and look adorable in their uniforms. They’ll sing a duet with you. Or at least, they did with me.

Go see a show!! Because there are TONS of GREAT bands in this city. TONS! Cover usually costs anywhere from $5 – $20. But maybe you can bribe your favorite band with a delicious soft serve ice cream from Jackman and Greene. I did.


• Ice cream at Jackman and Greene $3.00
• Rootbeer at A&W $1.80
• Peasoup at the gov’nor – Deeee-lish! (I didn’t get a pic of this!) $5.73
• Pocky – $2.00
• Chalk – $1.13
Total: $13.66….which means I can buy a beer somewhere!!!!!!

Transportation provided by: Amy Stoodley, Grant King and Allison White.

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