Thursday: Sunny As…

Oh man, Corner Brook is having the BEST weather so far. It’s lovely today, and as I walked into town to meet up with my fellow blogger David Keating, I had to actually take my hat off. Outdoors. Seriously.

A rough schedule for the next few days:

-Tonight (Thursday Feb 26) I’ll be at the Sonic Concerts Marble Mountain show, to see Matt Mays and El Torpedo, Hey Rosetta! and The Novaks. Can’t wait, I’m expecting a great, packed, excited show. It’s been sold out for ages, so I reckon everyone will be pretty wound up. There’s a free shuttle service from both the Greenwood Hotel and Corner Brook Plaza out to Marble, starting at 6pm.

-After Marble, I’ll head back in on the shuttle and run up to the MusicNL showcase at Night Sounds (on the low side of Broadway, hidden at the back of a building that also houses Mc-something’s meat shop). I’m hoping to catch the Subtitles.

-Friday Feb 27, I’m meeting up with David again, at the Pepsi Centre. We’re going to check out the Roots Room. Gypsophilia are playing at 430pm, and the Idlers at 530pm. The show is hosted by Brian Byrne. I’m not expecting much of a crowd; it’s early, it’s a weird lineup, and tickets are twenty bucks (?!) so that kills the student audience, who are the only members of the public available to go to shows in the early afternoon, anyway.

-Friday night: I’d like to hit the CBC Galaxie Discovery Stage at the Greenwood Inn. Sounds like a good lineup: Ruth Minnikin, Ryan Cook, Mercy, the Sexton, Alert the Medic, and Shelter with Thieves. If I feel like moving the night a little further along, I’ll drop into the Mighty Pop show up on Broadway at the Black Thorn Stick Cafe. I reckon that by the second night, they’ll have the venue all sorted out and ticking along.

Let’s see how we go…