Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon: Arrived last night after a day-long ride on the bus. The cab driver tells me every hotel room and B&B from Port aux Basques to Deer Lake is booked.

Stay at a friend’s place and chat with some of the locals. Word is, one of the venues may or may not be ready in time. The paint’s still drying and the liquor license is still in question.

Out of the street on Thursday afternoon, there are a few gawkers and music types. I meet Dana Cooper at the media centre and go for a coffee across the street at Brewed Awakening. The coffee, as promised, is good. Looking over the map and band booklet and it becomes apparent: You can’t see everything.

I walk down West Street to the Discovery Stage at the Legion because it’s the only thing going yet. On the sections of the sidewalk that haven’t been cleared, the snow is hard-packed three or four inches thick. (Had forgotten this detail from my four years of University in Corner Brook. Winter is different thing here.) On some of the houses, chunks of icicles hang five or six feet long and weigh at least a hundred pounds. One impressive specimen near the corner of Armstrong and North tops at least 11 feet long. *

(*Excuse the non-Metric measurements. Unless it’s kilometres, litres or grams, my mind thinks in Imperial.)

So, at the Discovery Stage, 2 in the afternoon, country singer Jacquie Drew is playing. The room is sparsely filled. Cheating and drinking songs and a few standards from the likes of Hank Williams. (The Legion makes for a nice, little space that I’ll probably drop in on again.) When the red gels of the stage lights wash the velvet of the back stage curtain red and the singer is silhouetted in her black cowboy hat while singing Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’, I have a David Lynch moment. But only for a moment.

Back on the sunny, snowy sidewalks, I head home until tonight: No-Case Lite with Chris Picco and others.