Step right up

Hey hey hey! Heeee-wack! Greetings! Salutations! How you been? How’s your mother? How’s her hip? Comin’ along alright? Good enough, good enough. Now, pack her in the car and get out to Corner Brook, quick-smart, cos there’s a big weekend brewing. Yes, I’m referring to the 2009 East Coast Music Awards, and the whole circus is going on from February 26 to March 1.

Avid readers will be familiar with the Scope’s ECMA coverage, that is to say, this blog. For everyone joining us for the first time: welcome! This is our third year blogging the awards. We’ll be posting at least daily, but more likely several-times-daily updates from Corner Brook, with interviews, snapshots, a litte audio here and there, and a few movies. If you can’t be here, or even if you’re here but can’t be two places at once, we’ll let you know what you’re missing. If you’re here and wondering what’s happening, we’ve got you covered. Our Scope blogger team for this year:

-The Scope’s third-times-a-charm reporter, Dana Cooper
-Aspiring gonzo reporter and Scope work term student, Ross Mair
-Newly-Scoped roving reporter David Keating
-SIlent-killer-style hotshot photographer Mark Bennett

Down at the Scope HQ, everyone is pretty stoked for things to start. We love the ECMAs. I mean, this is not just our bread and butter, it’s our toast and jam. Four solid days of music, parties, and people we don’t get to see that often, in a beautiful, exciting town: who could resist?

If you take more convincing than we do, check out our gig guide. If that doesn’t get you wanting to pull a sickie from work on Friday, then what will?

If you find the gig guide overwhelming (it’s looong), don’t worry. For ECMA weekend hot tickets, check out my article in today’s issue of the Scope (Feb 26).

To everyone back in the greatest city in the world: stay warm and dry. To everyone making their way towards the mouth of the mighty Humber River: travel safe, and we’ll see you soon.