Loaded… in

So yesterday at 3pm we began the load in for the ECMA Gala Awards show at the Metro Centre. We unloaded 2 tractor trailers, a 10 tonne truck, and a cube van full of gear. And that was only the lighting. No staging, audio or TV gear yet. When we arrived the arena looked like this:

Metro Centre before load in

There aren’t any rock stars around yet, so the catering was limited to soup and sandwiches. I remember backstage at the Junos when they were in St.John’s, I saw a catering table backstage that had only a half cooked turkey with some lettuce dressing the plate and some baby dolls on it. It was near Nickelback’s dressing room. So either those guys have a wierd rider or their roadies were playing a prank.

Once the gear was in the building the major work began. We hung trusses and lighting, ran power cables and set up dimmer racks. At 2am the room looked like this:
Metro centre after  load in

I am about to return to the Metro Centre to do Video Projection setup from 1-9pm. This is much less glamouros than being a musician. Their are no groupies either.