“Light turbulence”

Hey kids. I’m in Halifax, safe and sound, albeit somewhat later than planned. The ‘sleet wave’ in YHZ delayed the early flights out of St. John’s for a few hours, so a sizeable portion of the NL rock music contingent (plus myself) spent the wee hours of the morning trying to sleep in the airport. All good fun, to be sure. The flight went by quickly, with only a few sweaty moments of what the pilot termed “light turbulence” – yeah, it’s all relative, dude.

From the airport, I went down to the media centre in the Halifax Metro Centre, where I ran into Geoff. Brotha! We sussed out the surroundings, met some nice ECMA staff, got our passes, I gaffed some free muffins, and arranged to get in touch later. I think we’ll be at different places tonight, so you’ll get the story from both.

Stay tuned for pics, interviews, and basically the skinny on tonight’s show at the Seahorse. I just bought a new notebook, and I’m dying to break it in. Catch you up soon, don’t forget to comment!