Hi-de-ho, eager readers! You’re looking great, whatcha been doing? Dana here, just in a flurry of packing, planning, and searching for my phone charger.

‘Wherefore?’ you ask. ‘Why are you leaving your beloved city alone in the dead of February?’

To that I say, so long, suckers! No, seriously, I’m off to Halifax early tomorrow morning, where along with Geoff, I’ll be bringing you all the crucial deets, pics and yarns from ECMA 2007.

The four days of the event are pretty action-packed, and I’m going to hit as much of it as possible. Here’s a list of the shows I plan on seeing – if there’s something not on my list, but you would love to know how it goes, post a comment with the details and I’ll see what I can do. Check out the entire ECMA 2007 Schedule.

7:oopm – hey rosetta! – Nocase @ St. Mary’s Church (Barrington St)
9:00pm – Sherry Ryan, Blair Harvey, Brian Byrne @ Seahorse Tavern

10:00am – El Viento Flamenco – Sounds Like Canada with Shelagh Rogers @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
7:00pm – Amelia Curran – Roots Room @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
9:00pm – Old Man Luedecke – MusicNS Showcase @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
9:15pm – MusicNL Showcase @ Ginger’s Tavern

9:15pm Ian Foster
10:00pm Chris Picco
10:45pm Duane Andrews
11:30pm Sherry Ryan
12:15am The Novaks
1:00am Chris Kirby
1:45am hey rosetta!

1:10am – Mark Bragg – MAX TRAX Rock Showcase @ The Marquee

1:00pm – Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Stage @ Port Royal, WTCC
7:25pm – Sherry Ryan – Roots Room @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
8:15pm – Duane Andrews – Roots Room @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
9:30pm – hey rosetta! – Warner Music/Galaxie Showcase @ Port Royal, WTCC
10:00pm – MusicNL Showcase @ Ginger’s Tavern

10:00pm The Punters
10:45pm Neil Conway
11:30pm Blair Harvey
12:15am Ron Hynes
1:00am Mark Bragg
1:45am All Star Blues Jam

11:20pm – The Novaks – MAX TRAX Rock Showcase @ The Marquee

12:00pm – Ron Hynes (host) – SOCAN Songwriter’s Circle 1 @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
2:00pm – Mark Bragg, Amelia Curran – SOCAN Songwriter’s Circle 2 @ Casino NS, Schooner Room
6:00pm – ECMA Gala Awards Show @ Halifax Metro Centre

Whew! That’s a lotta music. You’ll have noticed that some of these shows overlap, I figure I’ll play it by ear (get it?) and end up seeing everyone at least once.

Alrighty, enough blogging for now, time to get packed. Talk to you soon, suckers. Snoochies!

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We So Excited by Ian

24 March 2011

  1. Dana · March 24, 2011

    Wow, did I ever overestimate how much I can do in a day. I mean, I’m good, but did I really think I was that good?