Where to watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup in St. John’s

What you see a fraction of a second before a diving header.

Forget the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet, and it’s happening from June 11 to July 11. Though the games are happening in South Africa, you can still get in on the madness. Here are the choice spots to catch the games, even the early ones, around town.

Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council
204 Water Street
The Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council will be showing all the games for free at the Centre For Social Justice, just above Coffee and Company. The first game, South Africa vs. Mexico, is on June 11th at 11am.

The Duke of Duckworth
325 Duckworth
The Duke will definitely be a key spot. They’re not sure yet if they’ll be officially opening early for all of those late morning games, but if it’s an important one, they’ll be there waiting for you. They’re also there in the mornings anyways, so if you bring a bunch of your friends down to knock on the door, there’s a good chance that they’ll throw the game on for you.

Bitter’s Pub
MUN Campus (Map)
“Newfoundland’s premier gathering spot for students from around the world… Featuring World Cup extended hours, Bitters will offer the venue to cheer on your team and get caught up in World Cup excitement with other football fans! Come join us for great specials, prizes and of course atmosphere!” – From their Facebook event page.

O’Reilly’s Pub
13 George Street
O’Reilly’s will have their TVs blazing, too. They’re not sure yet whether they’ll be opening early for the 10am matches, but they are sure that if enough people ask them to, they will.

At home
It’s where you live
There’s no harm in throwing 10am soccer parties, either. If you prefer to drink in your pyjamas with a mob of your closest friends, the CBC will be streaming all the games online at www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/fifaworldcup/


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