On the 2009 NLAC award winners


The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council had their annual awards ceremony here in town last night, so we decided to dig through the online archives and find what we could about a few of the winners. Here are a few notable quotes on or about three of them…

Sherry White (screenwriter, filmmaker and performer)
Artist of the Year Award
“I’m much more interested in making something that’s a little bit more challenging. If I were to make something that was just a joke, then I’d be telling a joke. But I don’t want to tell a joke.” — Sherry on her short film Diamonds in a Bucket.

Rob Power (performer and music educator )
Arts in Education Award
“I hadn’t really done much bodhrán playing before I came here where the teacher at MUN is Rob Power. He makes a good point of trying to get everyone well-versed on a lot of things. There’s a lot of sessions. He did congas once, and he did bodhrán once and I really enjoyed it so he helped me out and got me a lot of materials to work with. And that’s when this whole thing was starting. That’s how I got involved in traditional music.” — Rich Klaas, of The Dardanelles.

Rick Boland (actor)
Hall of Honour Award
“My vision is the United Nations set up shop on Bell Island… In fact, let’s give B.I. to the U.N. An unfettered state without a market.” — Rick Boland in our Big Ideas Issue.

Other award winners:

Hall of Honour Award: Central Newfoundland Visual Arts Society (CNVAS)
Rogers Arts Achievement Award: James Anderson (photographer)
CBC Emerging Artist Award: Kellie Walsh (choral conductor)
Patron of the Arts Award: Drs. Jean and Angus Bruneau