Hot Summer Guide: Decks

Dana Cooper

The Sundance’s Dexas
On sunny spring and early-summer days, Dexas makes me happy. It’s about hope. Even if it’s just a flukey nice day in May, at 4:30pm, Dexas fills up with sandaled optimists wearing short-pants and drinking after-work beers. And hey, if it turns out that 6pm brings wind cold enough to put frost on your sunglasses, Dexas has heat lamps to see you through. (Accessible from George St or New Gower)

The Rooms
This is not precisely a deck, but there’s a door off the Rooms Cafe, out to a little rooftop lookout. Complete with one of those coin-operated telescope thingies, this is the best perch from which to cast an eagle eye over the capital city.

Your Deck
And by yours, I mean mine, too (even though mine is my downstairs neighbour’s roof). In the summer, there’s nothing better than swinging by a friend’s place to chill out on their deck. Crank up the BBQ, flap out your old lawn chairs, soak up some vitamin D. If there’s a view, take it in. If there’s a lawn, have a run with the dog, or the kid, or whoever’s around. Take ‘er easy, my friend, take ‘er easy.

Other ideas: Tangled Up In Blue has a sweet garden area for sipping beer. Musicians Bar, formerly The Windsock offers a great harbour view. Atlantic Place also has a deck that is part of their public food court. If you‘re into activity, no deck will likely be more busy than the The Keg on a warm summer’s weekday.