Hot Summer Guide: Active stuff

Sarah Smellie

The two best things to be in the summer are happy and outdoors. Fortunately, we live in a town in which this is relatively easy to accomplish. First, we have the Grand Concourse Walkway System, with glorious trails around Long Pond, Kent’s Pond and Quidi Vidi Lake. We also have the T’railway, which features a beautiful walkway along Waterford River, through Bowring Park. By the time you’ve looped around one of these routes, your face will hurt from smiling at passers-by and you’ll be convinced a rainbow is beaming its way out of your backside.

You may even use these pathways to train for a race. The Tely 10, on July 27th, is always a classic. The ten mile race from Octagon Pond to Bannerman Park has been going strong for 81 years now. If you prefer biking, check out the Bicycle Newfoundland website at for information on organized rides and bike races, including this year’s Tour De Shore from St. Mary’s Bay to the Goulds, on August 30th and 31st.

Be sure to also make use of the East Coast Trail as much as possible. The East Coast Trail Association’s has all kinds of scheduled hikes throughout the summer. See for information.

Other: Ride a bike.  More and more people are doing it. Don’t worry, after a few rides the hills don’t hurt as much.