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We asked a bunch of folks we know to make a list of their favourite things from 2006. Here’s what they gave us…

Michael Phillips
Professional hardcore kid

1. Spring vacation: Vancouver pals/Chaos in Tejas/Albany Punx
2. Winning the summer
3. Local Tough/i love you destroying the spur
4. Government Warning – No moderation LP
5. International Flavours
6  Carbonas
7. Soliders Pond
8. Fucked Up “Teenage Problems”
9. Shows in the Blatch living room
10. Willow 666

Sara Tilley
Actor and writer

1. Magnetic North Theatre Festival comes to St. John’s
2. Joyce Hancock of the Status of Women Council of St. John’s is awarded the Governor General’s Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case for advancement of women’s equality (later negated by the government’s inane decision to close the Status of Women offices here and throughout much the rest of Canada as well, but still!)
3. John Steffler named Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate
4. Agnes Walsh named inaugural Poet Laureate of St. John’s
5. Janet Cardiff’s Forty-Part Motet at the Rooms
6. 2 new books by Margaret Atwood – The Tent and Moral Disorder
7. Alligator by Lisa Moore
8. A fabulous collection of previously unreleased songs by Tom Waits, titled Orphans
9. A new local organic farm started by Mark Wilson
10. The creation of the Fresh Fish Award for Emerging Writers, administered by the Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (yes, okay, I won it, but I think it deserves to be on the list anyway!)

Diana Daly

Musician and Scopemaker fabuloso

Personal Top Ten of ‘06
1. Flossie’s Puppies
2. Playing in the John Lennox Band
3. Cherie Pyne’s CD “Little Springboard”
4. The Origin of the Sound’s “ Living Rooms Part 2: Injector Fly”
5. Going to the Labrador Creative Arts Festival
6. William Burgess’ set of accordian tunes on the Neil Murray Stage at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival
7. Brad Hodder’s “Petty: Where it Lives”
8.  The birth of Gabriel Ruben Jack Moyes Vanderbill!!!
9.  Paddy Barry and Sherry Ryan singing “Time after Time” at the Angel’s wedding… and, well, the whole reception in general, especially the bride and groom rowing across the pond in a little boat to get to the party.
10.  The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council CAPE fund helping me get a new guitar!

Taryn Sheppard
Newfoundland artist currently living in Toronto.

Top Ten of ‘06
1. Fred Jorgensen !!!
3. Newfoundland
4. Moss
5. ?
6. The color yellow
7. The new Rocky movie I haven’t seen yet
8. The new David Lynch movie I haven’t seen yet
9. Captain Jackman’s restaurant on the Irish Loop
10. The Chameleons (the band)

Bottom Ten of ‘06
1. Banks
2. The Government of Canada
3. Apple computer’s advertising team
4. Apple computers
5. Wasps
6. Jellyfish
7. John Mayer
8. Household cleaning products
9. The Enlightenment
10. Pollution

Patrick Boyle
Trumpeter and sideman. Winner of Music Industry Association’s Side Musician of the Year award for 2006.

Top Ten Local Washrooms
1) Petro Canada Hall, MUN School of Music
2) Bar above Peddler’s
3) Coffee & Company
4) St. John’s Airport
5) Capitol Hotel
6) Bitters
7) Zachary’s
8) Big R
9) Hava Java
10) Guvnor Pub

Robert Bridson

Newfoundlander currently teaching in the Computer Science department of University of British Columbia.

Personal top ten of ‘06
1. Acrylic paints
2. Independant coffee shops
3. Mirtazapine
4. Vienna
5. Nietzsche
6. The Matador
7. Grosse Fuge (Beethoven)
8. Snowshoes
9. Viola lessons
10. Cantenaar cheese

Stephan Macleod
Member of Halifax’s indie synth-pop band Windom Earle

Top 10 Podcasts of ‘06
1. The Ricky Gervais Show (www.rickygervais.com)
2. Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox (www.shaneandtom.libsyn.com)
3. The Treatment (www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/tt)
4. This American Life (www.thislife.org)
5. Destinyland (www.destinyland.mondoglobo.net)
6. CBC Radio 3 (radio3.cbc.ca)
7. The Business (www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/tb)
8. The Show with Ze Frank (www.zefrank.com/theshow/)
9. 43 Folders (www.43folders.com/podcast/)
10. The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling (www.wfmu.org/playlists/bs)

Liz Solo

An Earth-based performance artist living and working in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Top Ten of 2006
1.  Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
2.  Power Camp 2006 (www.powercampnational.ca)
3.  Any performance by Tim Baker
4.  The Andy Wells Voodoo doll
5.  Mark Bragg and his amazing new band
6.  Rayfield
7.  The Nine Planets by Ed Riche
8.  C’Mon, live at The Ship
9.  Second Life (www.secondlife.com)
10. Finding Balance

Michelle Bush
Director, Eastern Edge Gallery.

Personal Top Ten of ‘06
1. Walking to work with N. Blais
2. Feasts with M. Tobin
3. Niko’s 1st birthday
4. Picking blueberries for breakfast in the Battery
5. Beachy Cove ocean swims
6. Early morning yoga with L. Heath
7. Libby Hague and Yael Brotman exhibition, at Eastern Edge and in Halifax
8. Touring the Atlantic provinces’ Artist-Run Centres, especially STRUTS in Sackville
9. Assisiting with Public Acts performances (Christine Shaw) on Signal Hill VERY late at night
10.My polka dot skirt from Johnny Ruth

Kelly Best
30-something resident of St. John’s

1. Hotbox Frostbite – 709 Hip Hop Compilation Album
2. Nicorette
3. Croatian Folk Dancing
4. Frozen Raspberries
5. The Ethnographic I by Carolyn Ellis.
6. Soy Chai Latte at Starbucks
7. Ballet flats and CFM boots
8. My new spring-green leather jacket
9. My iPod Shuffle
10.Self-service check-out lanes at Dominion on Blackmarsh Rd.

Craig Francis Power
Newfoundland visual artist and art critic.

5 Best Things 0f ‘06
1. Magnetic North Theatre Festival.
2. Louis Riel, a comic strip biography.
3. Kym Greeley, Michelle Bush, Steve Topping (visual
4. Sara Tilley’s Lulu
5. Friday Night poker at Gordon Laurin’s house.

5 Worst Things 0f ‘06
1. Yet another winter without proper snow-clearing of sidewalks, making it nearly impossible to get around for anyone not in a fucking car.
2. The Independent’s whole Terms of Union “debate”.
3. High Steel. Sorry guys, but am I the only one sick of constantly being told how very proud I should feel?
4. Andy Wells. Dude just sucks.
5. Tomkat. Brangelina. Vaughnistan. Britney’s vag. The
whole celebrity thing. Makes me sick.

Kevin Kelly

Newfoundland Herald staff writer, CHMR host, and winner of the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Media Person of the Year

Top albums of ‘06 (in no particular order)
• Hey Rosetta! – Plan Your Escape
• Duane Andrews – Crocus
• Virginia Fudge – Weep To Shine
• Amelia Curran – War Brides
• Blair Harvey and The Dregs – Gutter Be Gutted
• David Picco – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
• Chris LeDrew – Stronger Man
• The Nordic Beat – EP
• Chris Kirby and The Marquee – On Rum and Religion
• Ron Hynes – Ron Hynes

Kevin Hehir

1. Patrick Canning’s CD
2. Eastern Edge’s Express 24 Hours of Art Marathon
3. The Christopher Pratt exhibit at The Rooms
 4. The ten or so strollers at the Paintcussion performance
 5. THE ORIGIN OF THE SOUND: “The Injector Fly: Living Rooms 2”
6. “Vast Uplifters” by Cara Winsor Hehir at the Rogue Gallery
7. The Experimental Music Show in the Gallery at the Hall in Jan
 8. Hanging Horses CD
 9. Artinnl.blogspot.com
 10. Youtube

Rachel Jean Harding


1. the Injector Fly and all things Danny Keating/ Origin of Sound
2. Little Springboard – Cherie Pyne + band
3. The Greatest – Cat Power
4.  Hanging Horses – s/t
5. I Was Full of Skeleton Bones and Hooks – Matt Spence
6. Gayside Dance Party at Eastern Edge
7. Vampires of Love
8. Confessions of a Dancefloor – Madonna
9. 24 Hour Art Marathon
10. Such Nice Youth
11. the Fear – Victor Lewis

Pat Fifield
Pat Fifield is a freelance writer (among other things) from Newfoundland who currently lives in Toronto. Someone at a party told him to say that.

1.) Filastine – Burn It (record)
2.) Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury (record)
3.) The Departed (film)
4.) When the Levees Broke (film)
5.) Venetian Snares – Frictional Nevada (record)
6.) Skullface and Others – Bike Crew and s/t 7’’ (records)
7.) The Wire Season 4 (TV show)
8.) Limp Wrist – Want Us Dead 7’’ (record)
9.) Fucked Up – Hidden World (record)
10.) Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie – Lost Girls (comic)

Jordan Canning

1. Best Album: Cat Power, The Greatest
2. Best Film: Little Miss Sunshine
3. Best TV Show (to be foolishly cancelled): Arrested Development
4. Best Podcast: www.foureyedmonsters.com
5. Best News Item to Prove the World’s Gone Crazy: O.J. Simpson’s “If I Did It, Here’s How it Happened” near book deal
6. Best Sweat-Inducing Activity (that you can play with friends): Ultimate Frisbee
7. Best Joke: What do you call a masturbating cow? Beef Strokinoff.
8. Best Way to Waste Time Online: South Park Character Generator (www.sp-studio.de)
9. Best New Word in the Oxford Dictionary:
n. the practice of spying on the user of a cash-dispensing machine or other electronic device in order to obtain their personal identification number, password, etc. DERIVATIVES: shoulder-surfer n.
10. Best SPAM Email Received (subject heading only): The Superficial Emptiness

Geoff Younghusband
Rock star!

Personal Top Ten of 2006
1. Angus Carter Younghusband’s first steps, first birthday, talking, dancing, jumping…
2. Fur Packed Action reunion
3. Magnetic North Theatre Festival
4. C’mon
5. Youtube
6. Don Ellis winning Music NL’s Industry professional of the year award
7. Babies everywhere
8. The Scope
9. Skate Parks
10. Sushi

Aiden Flynn

1. Newfoundlanders deciding to move back home.
2. Mile Zero Ultimate
3. Anything by c2c Theatre or Open Actor’s Studio.
4.  Pat Boyle’s ‘Active Vison’.
5. People who put old Smurf blankets (GI Joe, My Little Pony, etc.) over their garbage.
6. Danny vs. The McCartney’s
7. ‘My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers’.
8.  The Mark Bragg / Sean Panting show at Club One.
9. The emergence of the Montreal Canadiens as a team to be reckoned with.
10.  The production of ‘Portrait of an Unidentified Man’ during the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.

Jonathan Adams
Bottom Line editor and Scopemaker extraordinaire.

Operas, comics, films, literature, professional sports teams
1. 2006 Montreal Canadiens (on veut la coupe!)
2. Collected Stories by Amy Hempel (Scribner)
3. A.L.I.E.E.N.S. by Lewis Trondheim (First Second)
4. Films of Chris Marker (Sans soleil; One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevitch; etc.)
5. Andy Jones’ An Evening with Uncle Val at LSPU Hall
6. Comics by Genevieve Elverum (e.g. “We’re Wolf” in Drawn & Quarterly Showcase No. 3 )
7. Epileptic [L’ascension du haut mal] by David B. (Pantheon)
8. Joel Hynes’ Down to the Dirt on audiobook (Rattling Books)
9. Mr. Fish cartoons at www.harpers.org
10. Bang on a Can – The Carbon Copy Building (libretto by Ben Katchor)


Mega Man 9

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