Spring arts preview

Whether the temperature agrees with us or not, spring officially starts on March 20.

Elling Lien put the cover together. The tree was traced from a photo, and the bird was copied from an old book of illustration. The background pattern was made from an image of rusty sheet metal.

“The leaves are transparent green because they’re more wishful thinking than anything,” Elling says. “And the bird isn’t flying into the tree to make a nest, it’s flying to keep from freezing to death.”

He dedicates this cover to the starlings who live in his neighbour’s roof.


Jubblies: I love you more than hamsters! Happy Valentines. From Susie

24 January 2013

  1. Janet M · January 24, 2013

    Dear Scopians,

    I entered to Win, and I won! and the Bedouin show with the Idlers was a mixture of feet stampin, sweat bloomin, body jostlin, and smiling good vibes.

    My affectionate lover calls it, dancing my face off.

    muchly appreciated,

    Janet M

  2. Al · January 24, 2013

    Holy crêpes!
    Nice cover Elling!!

    I really like how the leaves bleed into ‘the Scope’ (masthead?) at the top..
    Now I wish I had some 3d glasses.