The Moms Issue

When photographer Ryan Davis arrived at dancer Louise Moyes’ house to take photos, he had no idea how many photos he would take. But 30 minutes later he found himself with over 400 shots.

Here are some words from Ryan about the experience:

louise has the patience of a mother for sure. we shot pics for about 25 min
and I thought i had everything i needed. i looked through the pics and was
unsure. she asked me if i had gotten what i wanted and i said i didn’t
think so. she said she’d put her dress back on and we could do it again.
and that’s when these pictures came to be. initially i was trying to
capture mechnanical dance moves and louise would repeat a move from the show
again and again. but in the second round she started speaking the roll and
performed segments from the show..that’s when I began to understand the work
she was doing. i could see and hear the character (don’t remember her
name…the one from port au port) coming out. this was the docudance. the
story was revealing itself.

she did this while occasionally checking on the cooking rice and being
charmed by Gabriel who was bouncing around in a kid’s chair (what is it
called? the kind that has a round tabletop with a hole in the middle for a
kid to sit in). later she let him out and for many of the shots Gabriel was
actually holding on to her legs as she recited segments from the

all this happened in her dining room. we rolled back the rug and moved out
all the kid’s toys.

The cover photo is of Louise and her son, Gabriel, who will be turning one on May 21, the day before the opening of the Festival of New Dance.

Cover layout by Elling Lien.