(L-R clockwise) Mary Lewis, Charlie Tomlinson and Bryan Hennessey of C2C were kind enough to humour me with some photos just before a rehearsal. The background contains part of a facsimile of a letter written by Danish physicist Niels Bohr to German physicist Werner Heisenberg regarding their meeting in 1941 – the subject of the play. A transcription and translation of the letter is available at Cover design by Elling Lien.



Harsh electronic noise musicians from Vancouver Heather Johnston and Michael Piercey pick three of their favourite albums. 1. The Rita “Thousands Of Dead Gods” (Troniks) “Any record by The Rita is the aural equivalent to a punch in the face. It sounds like sticking your ear next to a jet engine and letting the pilot […]

15 August 2007

  1. Mike · August 15, 2007

    I found this site through John Gushue’s…dot dot dot site. His is an excellent venue for reading and referencing.

    Here’s the spill! I am a male in my late fifties, sitting at home as I recover from cancer surgery. Not exactly your targeted demographic for an audience I would think. Yet, having reviewed your site I found it interesting, entertaining, informative, easy to read and trans-generational. Good stuff.

    I’ll be back and when possible I will support your advertisers for supporting you.

  2. Elling · August 15, 2007

    Thanks Mike! That’s really nice of you to say.

    You’re right, we usually try to cater to an audience of 19-34, but really now… I’ve met some 26-year-olds who were really 66-year-olds and 66-year-olds who were really 26-year-olds. So.