Children of Eve go west

The cover shot this issue was taken by Meg McNeill. She took a series of shots of Children of Eve just off Kenmount Road near a burnt patch in the woods

“I love the way the trees look after a fire,” she says. “They’re so pale and cryptic. To my left were these tall bare trees, and to my right was this beaten in shed or house (I’m pretty sure a house) that had fallen to rubble. The wood was sponged and waterlogged over the years, which made the boards grey and creepy-looking.”

“The guys wanted something badass and I gave it to ‘em,” she says.

Meg currently works in a portrait studio in Mount Pearl.

Cover design by Elling Lien.


Learning to kill

Open-mic comedy night regulars Paul Warford, host Sherri Levesque, Matthew Esteves, Mikaela Dyke, Andrew Ivimey, and Tim Ronan. Comic theatre may very well have been around in Newfoundland forever, but stand-up comedy—that peculiar blend of theatre, storytelling, and, often, brick walls—has never quite been able to make a regular go of it here in town. […]

5 June 2008

  1. Hudson · June 5, 2008

    Great pic Meg :)
    I’ll miss you and the guys