2007 Local Disc Guide

A few issues back we met and interviewed local comic book artist Paul Tucker, and when we were talking about finding a local illustrator to do the cover for our first ever local disc guide, we knew just who to call.

We suggested robots and flying saucers.

“Those things are right up my alley,” he says. “I pretty quickly got this image in my head of old timey robots being shocked by all these discs overhead.”

To create the street scene, Paul looked to historical photos of the downtown, using some of the architecture as reference.

“The buildings are inspired by local buildings. It’s not meant to be any particular place downtown.”

Next question: When can we see the movie?

Cover layout by Elling Lien.

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The Angelshakes

www.myspace.com/theangelshakes “We’re a bit of a mess, as you can see.” Patrick Brennan is talking about his dynamically-membered band, The Angelshakes, who first began assembling last September. The mess he’s referring to is strictly below the surface.

11 September 2008

  1. Elsie Sullivan · September 11, 2008

    Paul is a creative artist on the way up. He’s a keeper so keep him in your ‘scope’, guys.

    Elsie Sullivan

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