Eastern Edge 24-Hour Art Marathon 2007

Saturday, August 18 – Sunday, August 19 Peace-A-Chord Dan Galway acoustic (12pm– 12:30pm); Sex Ed w/ Kaya Payne (12:30pm-1pm); Juggling w/ Dave Mercer (1pm-1:30pm); Katie Fitzpatrick acoustic (1:30pm-2pm); Speakers tba (2pm-2:30pm); Neil Conway acoustic (2:30pm-3pm). Free children’s workshops Lego building w/ Elayne Greeley (12pm–2pm); Styrofoam printing w/ Anita Singh (1pm-2pm); tba w/ Jason Sellars (2pm-3pm); […]

15 August 2007

  1. Mike · August 15, 2007

    Halarious! As always.

  2. Nathan Downey · August 15, 2007

    Best one yet, for sure! I salute you.

  3. Donna · August 15, 2007

    Disgusting! Vile! Hateful! Derogatory! Would it still be “funny” if the sign on the wall read “cervical cancer clinic”? Next time a man points his finger-gun at a vagina he better be prepared of the consequences!