St. John’s city council live blog, March 26, 2012

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Andrew Harvey here to bring you the call on the comings and goings of @CityofStJohns council.

Council will be discussing proposed changes to the municipal plan to allow development above the 190m contour line.

O’Keefe has arrived and the meeting has begun. Everyone is there except Hanlon.

There is a delegation here for Earth Hour, this march 31st, 8:30pm-9:30pm. Everyone is encouraged to turn off their lights for this hour.

Earth hour will be held in over 100 countries and encourages action on climate change.

For more information on Earth hour go to

There is a delegation here for Purple day for Epilepsy. Purple day is today!

Epilepsy affects over 10,000 people in The province. One in ten people will have at least one seziure in their life. That’s a lot!

44% of people still don’t know basic first aid to deal with seziures. Never put something in a persons mouth who is having a seziure.

Council is moving to make ammendments to development regulations and the municipal plan to allow development above the 190m contour line.

These changes are another step towards allowing Danny-land to proceed.

Hann: “This will allow some exciting development opportunities” on the proposed changes.

Duff says the recommendations include a “zero net runoff policy” for water.

Duff: “This is a huge opportunity for the city to do this right and do some good planning… We should start it yesterday, if we could”.

O’Leary says that the recently reactivated Environmental Advisiory Committee will be interested in the new regulations for this area.

O’Keefe: “Time is of the essence on this” noting that this will be a 15-20 year development. He says phase 1 should not be “unduly delayed”.

Council has moved to rezone land on Stavanger Drive to allow a residential subdivision. This land was zoned Commercial General.

Colbert is discussing changes to enforcement for disabled parking spots. He wants to see if the newly increased fee $400 can be put on signs

Bell mobility has been approved to build a Monopole Tower at the end of Autumn Dr. This after being rejected for another location recently.

Hann is discussing the proposed drive-thru regulations. They are proposing a 15m separation from residential properties.

There is a big crowd here in the gallery which is interested in these regulations… They live next to a proposed Mary Browns drive-thru.

Breen: “There has been a lot of work on this” [drive-thru regulations]. He says he was leaning towards not allowing them at all.

Breen says “I’ve seen some too close” in Ward 1. He is proposing ammendments to the regulations, the buffer to be 3m with the option of 15m.

Hickman says that the city needs to “show some flexibility” with the development committee.

A 15m buffer is a whole lot different then a 3m one. The ammendment may only apply when the abutting property is commercial, not 100% sure.

Collins thinks that 15m is too much of a buffer and wants 10m. “I’ve got a couple [drive-thrus] in my ward and they don’t cause any trouble”

Galgay says he can’t support any ammendment which would lock the city into one distance, he wants discretion.

Hann says he won’t support going down to a 10m buffer. He thinks that 15m is appropriate to protect residential properties.

I am confused over the procedural mess with multiple amendments. It appears the 3m buffer amendment did not go through.

O’Keefe: “I think it’s all about protecting the quality of life of residents”.

Motion on ammendment to make buffer 10m instead of 15m was 5 to 5, therefore the motion is lost.

O’Keefe: “The drive-thru business community has been good to the city and the city has been good to the drive-thru business community.”

The city clerking clarifying what the motion with amendments is. This will allow for a 3m buffer with council discretion to go up to 15m.

Duff is discussing new criteria for heritage buildings including more modern buildings “Which will be the heritage buildings of the future”.

O’Leary says DT St. John’s wants to see a sub-committee to encourage communication with DT business owners.

DT business owners are responsible for keeping the front of their property clean and well-maintained. I wonder if this includes snow…

Paul Mackey clarifies that DT businesses are responsible for snow clearing in a specific part of DT.

As a part of the needs analysis for a multi-purpose arts centre they will be holding a “Supply and Demand Forum” on April 19th at 7pm.

The Arts advisory committee also welcomes Sara Tilley, the NextUp representative. She was chosen from 26 highly qualified applicants.

Collins reminds people that on April 1st people have to cover their garbage again, no foolin’.

Quick go-around this week, no one want to talk after the long discussions on drive-thru’s and development above the 190m contour line.

O’Leary says we need to look at more international models for universal design to accommodate our aging society.

O’Keefe: “That’s not the issue… What they do in Europe they do in Europe” on Duff discussing European models of seniors living.

That’s all folks, tweet ya next week. Andrew Harvey out.