St. John’s city council live blog, April 2, 2012

The St. John’s city council liveblog: telling you more then you would ever want to know about council since 2009.

The Development committee report for today includes an application for an 8-screen movie theater on Torbay Rd.

The proposed movie theater is on the left just past Stavanger dr., the former Field Farm site.

The proponents for Mallard Cottage, the resturant proposed for Quidi Vidi, are here in chambers to see how the vote on their proposal goes.

Former Ward 2 candidate Todd Perrin is one of the people behind the resturant. He is looking for a exemption from parking requirements.

Mallard Cottage is a heritage building and there is a provision to waive or alter parking requirements for Heritage use applications.

I have to give props to Wally Collins, who I have seen wearing a respect women pin on his lapel 2 weeks in a row.

O’Keefe has arrived and the meeting has begun.

April 3rd is Canadian Oncology Nursing Day. There is a delegation here for this day.

The nurses here today say that 40% of women and 45% of men will be diagnosed with cancer in their life! That is shockingly high.

Breen and Hanlon are missing and the rest of council are here.

Council is moving to approve the proposal for Mallard Cottage.

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Ward 2 councillor Frank Galgay is giving us a history lesson on the progeny of Mallard Cottage. The building dates back to the 1800’s.

Duff: “I think this is a courageous undertaking” on saving a historic building in a historic neighborhood.

Council is moving to approve-in-principle the movie theater for Torbay Rd. There are requirements which the application must comply with.

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Council has rejected an application from Portugal Cove-St. Phillips because it is in the watershed.

This is an interesting part of inter-municipal relations, St. John’s has final say on approvals if they are in the watershed.

Council has approved an exemption for the firearms by-law. This is for Newdock to address their “nuisance pigeons”.

The city will be selling a parcel of land (not sure how big) at 51-57 Job st to Deacon Investments for their proposed office building.

The on-street parking ban is over effective yesterday. Park away people! Park away!! Or preferably walk I suppose, no parking required.

Council is discussing changes to parking requirements for Hotels. They want to change the requirements from 1 space/3 rooms to 1/4 rooms.

Hann says that with the old requirements for hotel parking they had more parking then they needed.

There is an ammendment from the planning committee. One item is the workplan for the municipal plan review.

Hann: “It’s an agressive plan” to try and hold all the public hearings for the municipal plan by the end of June, or July if nessicary.

O’Leary says that she wants to bring in 2 speakers her and Hanlon saw who spoke at a recent conference on building on a creative economy.

Duff: “One of the things which has possibly been missing is an opportunity to step back and do some visioning” on the municipal plan review.

O’Keefe wants to defer this decision to give the planning committee an opportunity to look at other potential speakers.

Council is moving to approve the “Steel hotel” on Water St. This was an addition to the agenda so I have nothing in front of me about this.

I hate it when they do that, they have approved what I presume to be a huge development without even identifying the address to anyone here.

Duff wants to see a special consultation session on heritage for the municipal plan review.

Hann says that heritage will be covered as there is a special session for Downtown. Duff points out that heritage is not only a DT issue.

Collins is discussing the cities new waste management app. My Waste app is available on

Hann encourages people to nominate someone for the Senior of the year award. Check out for details and nomination form.

O’leary is discussing a memorial to be held on Thursday April 26th to commerate Stephanie Chaisson, who was killed on the Port-Aux-Port.

The memorial on April 26th will be to encourage prevention of violence against women and to raise funds for Iris Kirby house.

That’s all folks, tweet ya next week. Andrew Harvey out.