Trikes and bikes

Photo by Brian James Williams.


In less than one week, a St. John’s plan which has been three years in the making will be officially presented to council and subjected to a vote. St. John’s is the last major city in Canada to have a bike plan—an official document that helps the city make decisions about how they can get more citizens on bikes—and people have been itching for the city to put the plan in motion.

Compared to similar plans, it’s modest one—just $6 million dollars stretched out over 20 years. If the plan is approved, you’ll soon see a few more lines painted on the roads (cheap), a few more signs (cheap), and, eventually, a few more off-road trails throughout the city (expensive).

But bike plan or no bike plan, more and more people are pedaling towards a cycling-friendly city. Here are a handful of locals doing awesome things on their bikes.

Interviews by Sarah Smellie and Elling Lien.

Sarah Hillock is cycling across Europe and painting cows along the way.

Len Zedel carts his kids around in a bike trailer.

Dave Cox is unicycling across Canada.

Conrad Trela is a kid who rides his bike to school.