St. John’s byelection

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Photo by daquellamanera.

So you like the idea of voting in the St. John’s byelection.

…But what does that matter if you don’t know anything about the candidates or the issues?

Here’s some information on what you need to do, and some links to help you get informed.


– The last day to vote is June 3.

– Usually what people do is cast their vote by mail. If you’re on the voters list you will have already received a little package with a ballot and a postage-paid envelope. If you don’t have one, call 311 and they’ll send you one. You won’t need one if you vote at city hall on June 3 or at what they call a “satellite drop-off spot“. 

– You can vote if you’re 18 or older.

– You can vote if you have lived in St. John’s at least a month before election day (June 3)

– If you’re not already on the voters’ list, just bring a piece of mail with your name and address on it or a copy of your lease to city hall or one of the satellite drop-off spots on June 3.

– If you’re doing the vote-by-mail thing, send it off by May 30 or it won’t work.

THE CANDIDATES (and their websites, if we could find them)
Running for mayor:
Dennis O’Keefe
Marie White (e-mail

Running for deputy mayor:
Paul Sears
Fred Winsor (website for his 2001 campaign)
Ron Ellsworth

Running in Ward 4:
Bernard Davis
Debbie Hanlon
Sam Kelly

What? Those flashy-but-not-much-on-them-of-substance websites don’t help?

Watch the debates on Rogers TV
Definitely a good way to get familiar with the candidates in a short amount of time.

Read Lionel West’s blog
No one pays attention to the nitty-gritty of city hall like Lionel. He’s been following council for years, and he says what he thinks about each of the candidates on the most recent entries.

Read The Telegram’s coverage
Tara Mullowney of The Telegram does a great job covering municipal politics. In today’s issue she published a detailed comparison of the two candidates for mayor. Check The Telegram’s latest news feed for more articles on the candidates.

Listen to the St. John’s Morning Show’s coverage
Deputy Mayor’s debate (real audio)

Official By-Election website
Go here for the nitty-gritty. Most importantly, you can see a list of the candidates, look up your ward, or find answers to some other questions I didn’t cover.

It’s not a website, but it’s a pretty useful way to get information about anything going on with the city. These folks can help you with any election questions you might have.



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29 October 2008

  1. craig francis · October 29, 2008

    I’ve heard Ron Ellsworth is in favour of dismantling the St. John’s arts council, and doing away with the City’s Art Procurement program. As St. John’s Arts and Entertainment paper, do you guys think there’s a contradiction in accepting advertising money from a guy who, given the opportunity, would cut funding to many of the artists you cover? Just curious.

  2. Mark Gill · October 29, 2008

    Good election info for the average joe – thanks, The Scope. Unfortunately, I think Marie White has little chance of securing votes from many people (esp. the under 40 age group) due to lack of a website. I know very little about her and as a result will vote for O’Keefe in all likelihood.

  3. Kaya · October 29, 2008

    I sat down to vote this evening and opened google to learn what I could about the candidates. I was really surprised by how difficult it was to find even a website for some of them. Eventually the search engine turned up this article, which was really helpful – thanks folks.

    After checking stuff out, I’m gonna vote for Fred Winsor for deputy mayor … I was thinking about it anyway because it would be refreshing and I don’t know much about him, whereas I don’t like most of what I know about the others. But now that I’ve read up on him, I think he’s clearly the first choice for people like me, who are concerned about the commercial development of residential neighbourhoods, recyling and composting, and citizen, esp youth, participation. I was particularly glad to see him aligned with the Gilbert/Murray team, whom I supported in 2001.

    Thanks again!

    Thanks again!

  4. Elling · October 29, 2008

    And the results are in.