News Bites

Winds of change?
A few more months and the island’s first wind farm should be good to go! The ninth and final turbine was erected at the NeWind wind farm in St. Lawrence recently, and they expect to be pumping the juice by the end of the year—enough for 6,800 homes. Nothing to sneeze at.

Independent no more
As of our last issue, word on the street was the troubled local weekly The Independent had found new investors and was going to survive its second untimely demise. Well, the deal fell through. Now one company owns all the broadsheet papers in the province. Media concentration much?

Finger in the dam
We may have enough pathologists, but do we have enough nurses? Uh, no. A recent provincial government report says we’re short by around 1,000 of ‘em. Add to that a 2006 study which says more than 1,300 nurses will be eligible to retire in 6 years and we’ve got a bit of a situation.