News bites

Bottled water ban
Big kudos to city council for  voting to ban bottled water from city hall. According to Ellsworth thousands of dollars were spent by the city on bottled water, and really, if city employees were unwilling to drink city tap water, what would that say about it? More at

Bottom of the heap
No surprise here, but Statistics Canada placed Newfoundland dead last in the waste recycling department. Even though most recycling experts agree that 80% of  waste can be recycled, Newfoundlanders recycle just 7% of what they discard. PEI ranked number one at 38%. More at

Ferry fare increase
Have you ever said you never want to leave Newfoundland? Well, now you can’t. As of July 1st  Marine Atlantic added a 27.7% fuel surcharge, following a 9.9% increase last April. A one-way, walk-on, no-berth ticket from Port aux Basques will now cost you $35.76, up from $28. More at